Devilish Delights

I’ve reached my initial goal of painting six Chaos Warriors / Chaos Marauders for my Oldhammer Army of Slaanesh. I’m using the list from Slaves to Darkness rather than Warhammer Armies to really get into the background and madness of the Ruinous Powers.

For warband gaming these six will be plenty, but as I do like my ranked up armies, I decided I need a dozen, so I will continue on my quest.

Front view of three Slaaneshi Warriors of Chaos with shields

Rudolphus Lewdgaze, Adalbert Horner and Boris Heartcleaver

Front view of three Slaaneshi Warriors of Chaos with various armaments

Eric Umbrand Earthshaker, Heiner Fiendlein and Sigismund von Klauenburg

I’m using a variety of pastel shades across the figures so each has a distinct look and character, as opposed to the uniform colours I apply for other armies. As a common theme I am painting all weapon blades in shining silver with a blue wash and other metal parts in either red gold or blue silver.

Back view of three Slaaneshi Warriors of Chaos advancing on a house

Lock up your daughters, sons and livestock

Back view of three Slaaneshi Warriors of Chaos attacking a house

There will be feasting in Slaanesh’s honour tonight

21 thoughts on “Devilish Delights

    • Thank you! I thought for Slaanesh that is really the way to go. The whites and pastels are a bit rough up close as I am using Citadel layer paint for the mixing, which dries too quickly. I will have to look for a better option going forward and when I get around to painting demon skin.

    • Thanks! It’s fun to work on something completely different to my usual projects, and developing my techniques along the way.

    • Looking at the pictures I felt like writing them up as a Mordheim warband and include some Beastmen.

      Noise Marines sound like fun, great opportunity for crazy colours and patterns. Do it, Slaanesh demands it!

      The house in the background is the only finished fantasy building I own, bought years ago on eBay. My own efforts are lacking. I do keep working on some scatter terrain in between other projects, like those resin barrels. They are not finished but should be next up in the queue.

  1. Great work on these. Both on the usual suspects as well as on a couple of Warriors I’ve never seen painted in Slaaneshi tones before. The pastels of the armour are also very old-school, evocative of the RoC-era painted models while also having much nicer modern basing. Great job indeed.

    • Thank you. With a couple of the more neutral sculpts you can go several ways, most of the figures I have left to do are not specifically Slaanesh but should work equally well.

    • Cheers, it it was fun to indulge in some old school wackiness since the more colourful Gods of Chaos seem to have fallen out of favour.

  2. The bonbon colours worked out extremely well :)

    I use W&N Blending Medium to stretch out the drying time on my part mixes when blending. Like all blending, it’s a balancing act, but I managed to get it to work. Worth a try perhaps?

    • Thanks for the tip. I’ll have a look round an art supply store and let you know how I get on with it. It’s definitely working for you, I was amazed with the blending on your construction robots.

    • I missed that tutorial, thanks for sharing the link. Excellent result, would never have thought this is the way you went about it. I have to try and apply this to vehicles sometime.

    • Thank you! I hope to see your take on Slaanesh warriors soon. I have another six to get on with, which your comment just reminded me of.

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