The Goffs Get Bullish

The second started-but-never-finished unit in my Space Orks army for Warhammer 40k was a mob of Goffs. I had painted two metal figures with heavy weapons and a Gorkamorka Nob with a Warhammer Fantasy Orc head plus two plastic miniatures to start these off and now managed to complete another ten.

Large Ork with a back banner of Space Marine helmets on a spike
Like many of us, this Nob collects Space Marines

The paint scheme is appropriately no-nonsense, with dull metal, a few browns, a bit of red and a lot of black, accentuated with the typical chequer pattern on shoulder and back plates.

Head on view of five Orks with pistols, axes and crude swords
Choppas swinging, the Orks close in
Five Orks with pistols and axes storming forward
Comin’ to stomp all over ya

9 thoughts on “The Goffs Get Bullish”

    1. Glad you like ’em. I always like to see the variety of hobby that is out there, even (or especially) if it is outside of my own areas of interest/expertise. Not been blogging much over the summer so just recently caught up with your work too. All those shiny (grubby?) new tanks were motivation to keep going with my WW2 infantry!

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