Duel of the Mages

Two important characters I had yet to paint up for my fledgling Dwarf and Goblin Oathmark forces were their respective spell casters. Available as metal sculpts from the talented hands of Mark Copplestone, these are very flavourful figures that I wanted to show going up against each other in a battle of magical powers.

Dwarf wizard with a raven facing goblin shaman wearing a wolf pelt
Wisdom versus cunning
Dwarf wizard with a white beard carrying a staff and holding a raven on his outstretched arm
The raven is an ancient familiar
Goblin shaman wearing a wolf pelt and holding a staff with a ram's skull
The shaman draws on the raw powers of destruction

I also converted one of the Goblin spearmen to be a javelineer. Using the ancient peltast as a model, I choose the smallest of the shield sizes (which actually has a shape quite reminiscent of Thracian equipment) and went with lighter armoured body parts. For the javelin, I cut the spear tip off and made it both shorter and narrower. Then I shortened the wooden shaft at both ends and glued the tip back onto the bottom end, so the pose is now that of a throwing arm. A little bit of resculpting on the right shirt sleeve and the chainmail was needed, as the arm is normally expected to be attached in a downward facing position.

Goblin carrying a small shield and throwing spear
Javelineers skirmish ahead of the army
Right side view of goblin with spear holding it in a throwing stance
At close quarters the javelin is a deadly projectile

For my eight strong unit of Goblin warriors, I also painted the remaining two champion sculpts in metal and assembled one plastic fighter (on the left below). With these finished, I’m just in time for the Elven pre-orders to begin!

Three goblins with hand weapons, shields and a large axe
More warriors join the invading horde

16 thoughts on “Duel of the Mages”

    1. Thanks, the simple techniques I am using for these still work on the clean sculpts I think. Mark Copplestone has always been a favourite sculptor of mine.


    1. Thank you, I am happy with how they are turning out given the time it takes per model. Glad I did get stuck into the range, really feeling the classic fantasy style at the moment.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I really like them both. Great miniatures and excellent paint job. The conversion is also very well done. Light Orc troops are something you won’t find often, so it makes sense to make your own version.


    1. Thank you. I am pretty happy with the conversion too and will probably build some more to make a unit. I think I am compensating for the Greek army I never started on.


  2. Looking good – I’ve always liked Mark Copplstone’s work and he’s done some nicely characterful work here – in turn brought to life well by your paint. :)


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