Beauty and the Beasts

I completed another trio of characters for the Conan board game in the shape of the Princess, Conan’s Lion and the Demon of the Earth. I don’t know yet where they will appear in the storyline, but I felt like painting them and wanted to see the Army Painter results.

Lady with gold jewellery and a purple cape
The Princess

I used a lighter skin tone on the princess (none of those peasants’ tan for a high born) and chose purple for her cape to emphasise her regal appearance. Note how I also snuck in a ruin from Lord of the Rings that I just painted for use with my Tomb Kings – and possibly Conan if I wanted to go down the 2.5D route.

Side view of a large male lion
Conan’s Lion

I did an image search on real life lions to find suitable spot colours and patterns for this beast, and once again the soft tone served to blend them all together nicely while also picking out details from the simple sand coloured base coat.

Large bestial creature with dark green skin, claws and fangs
Demon of the Earth

For the Demon of the Earth I started with a dark green base coat followed by a mid green drybrush. Since it was going to be all just dark skin, I felt it was going to be necessary to pick up the details from muscles and veins to give it depth. A darker Quickshade would have been more suitable with this colour scheme, but I only have the one pot right now, and I’m sticking with it. For an earthy look it works well enough, and away from the glare of the camera the skin looks less washed out than it appears here.

Princess standing in front of a large lion and savage demon
The damsel of distress

My Conan collection is turning out to be a nice go to when I only have small amounts of time to paint or lack the concentration for detail work. As such, it seems I am painting additional figures instead of not painting at all, and it hasn’t really slowed down other projects.

6 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beasts”

    1. Thanks, he’s definitely the beauty of the three. The plastic used for it is the lighter variety, hence the detail were a bit hidden before painting. It turned out to be a great sculpt, really nice growling face.

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  1. Great work on these. I’ve finally opened up my brown cardboard boxes for my Conan pledge and moved the contents into the War Room. I picked out a few bits to start on, including the Lion after seeing this post… How do you find the material is to paint onto? Any particular undercoat needed? (Thinking of the endless horror of Bones)


    1. Thanks! I’ve been using Army Painter white undercoat spray as normal, didn’t have any issues. I haven’t painted anything with particularly thin and bendy parts yet. I assume the Quickshade will be a good seal preventing paint from flakeing off. I did heat up some parts like the tip of Conan’s sword to straighten them out.


    1. I got them on eBay from fluid3dworkshop but there are various manufacturers. The material is acrylic. Super glue provides a good bond (also on metal figures, I have started using these bases for my Infinity collection). Only have to be carful with any spill as the glue tarnishes the acrylic.


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