Holding Out for a Hero

To finish off my initial scenario set for Monolith Edition’s Conan board game, I painted the three hero characters.

First up, the man, the legend – Conan the barbarian. It’s a great sculpt, especially the face is really well done. Ideally suited for the Army Painter Quickshade method. I like the menacing pose as well, ready to leap into action. While the Picts have rather weird, grotesquely muscle bound body shapes, Conan himself looks more realistic – in a Mr Universe sort of way.

Figure of a muscle packed barbarian with long black hair, loincloth and big sword
Conan the Barbarian

Shevatas the master-thief is an equally well executed miniature, his pose fitting for that of an agile knife fighter. There are some very nice ornate details like on his bracers. I found that the soft tone shade also worked well on his darker skin tone.

Miniature of a lean muscled fighter with a dagger and gold jewellery
Shevatas the King of Thieves

Hadrathus the priest has been my least favourite figure to paint so far, partly to blame on my choice of technique and colours. I might rethink the brown robe and paint it in a darker tone, and some areas ended up too shiny. Since taking the photos I have tried to correct this with some success. I found that the shade didn’t really work on the black and blue cloth and I mostly overpainted it with a more traditional black wash.

Figure of a robed character with a staff and a fireball in his palm
Hadrathus the Priest of Asura

Since our first full game is likely going to be postponed into the new year, I might paint the odd figure for the game until then as the mood strikes me. Next up in terms of narrative would be the pirates, but I’ll probably turn my attention to the undead first.

8 thoughts on “Holding Out for a Hero”

    1. Thanks, it was good to get the title character done, and be happy with the result. I need to study the rules a bit in order to figure out which heroes to paint next to have a range of tactically different play options.

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  1. These guys look very good indeed. The only thing I would add are eyes to really bring them to life, but that depends obviously how much effort you want to put into those chaps. They look battle ready as is!


    1. Thanks! The eyes are one of the steps I am skipping in order to get them done quickly. For larger creatures I’ll paint them in, but anything human sized I’ll imagine squinting.


  2. I like shevatas best, can’t really say why. Very well sculpted I guess. As for the eyes, you don’t have to spend much time really. You get the best effect, in my experience, when just adding a white spot. Dont bother with “Pupillen” etc. Its the proverbial “white in their eyes” that brings them to life.


    1. White only eyes don’t look right to me (unless on Bloodletters of course), I think the pupils are necessary. I did at some point out of curiosity try the alternative technique of painting two white dots in the corners to leave a pupil in the middle, but have to say I couldn’t get that to work.


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