Spot the Hyena

I’ve finished the Pictish tribe for Conan, adding warriors, archers and a pack of hyenas roaming through the village.

Being satisfied with my first purchase of 25mm bases, I also received my second order of clear bases from Fluid 3D Workshop in different sizes for the various creatures and monsters in the game.

A pack of three hyenas
A pack of hyenas searching for prey
Warriors in loin cloths swinging double handed hammers overhead
Pictish warriors wield massive stone hammers
Three Picts aiming wooden longbows
Some Picts hunt with crude bows
View from above onto Conan game board with miniatures
The tribe gathers in the village
Miniatures of hyenas and Pictish warriors for the Conan board game
Hyenas competing to be pack leader

Next up it’s the heroes and villains and a big beast.

14 thoughts on “Spot the Hyena”

  1. I’m looking forward to play it, with a set of painted models when I come for Salute! in 2017. I put my eyes on that kickstarter as well, liking the theme a lot. Even started reading some Conan short storys (on him, not about him :). Paint job: rock-solid Picts, I like the hyenas even better though.


    1. Nice one, looking forward to it! I still haven’t started on the collected works of Robert E. Howard, but the MMORPG gave me a good feeling for the world. It was a welcome opportunity to get a full collection of miniatures for this new setting during the Kickstarter. The hyenas were the first opportunity to try out the quick shade on larger areas. The scruffy looking result works for them I think.


  2. The hyenas came out well. The spots are nicely done and with the quickshade the models look really good. I am considering something like that for my own boardgames. I won’t manage to paint them to a very high standard timewise so maybe the quickshade is the solution.

    PS.: Those picts are ***** ripped!


    1. Thanks, I’m quite fond of them myself. I think the spots give them a high recognition factor, even with the rest not being painted very naturalistic. The trick with this approach is to embrace the pre-painted look and not being tempted by details. The over the top nature of the sculpts, as seen in those mountains of muscle on the Picts, lends itself to the quick shade. Nothing subtle here that needs careful layered highlighting!


    2. I think you achieved a much better look than many pre-paints offer. It is indeed true that the sculpts seem to offer sharp details which take the shade very well.


    3. Cheers, the quick shade really transforms the result. I’m starting to think it might be the way to go if I ever hope to paint the Skaven army I’ve got.


    1. Thanks, it’s definitely saving my stats for painted miniatures per year. It’ll probably take me another weekend to finish the characters, then the first scenario is good to go.

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  3. Very nice work here again – the Picts look great but the Hyenas really work – even more impressive than the picts, I must say. You’re even tempting me to search out those tins of Quickshade I purchased years ago. Which tone are you using on these guys?


    1. Thanks! I wasn’t sure if they were going to work out, as they looked quite garish initially, and the spots are not very subtle or particularly true to nature. But after the quick shade it became clear to me that the base colours actually should be on the brash side in order to give a balanced end result. I am using soft tone on everything, I think a darker shade wouldn’t work for organics and skin tones like these.


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