Depraved Dozen

It took a good while, but finally my dozen Chaos Warriors/Marauders of Slaanesh for Warhammer 3rd Edition are complete.

The last three are a mix of Citadel and Marauder Miniatures. With the Marauder warrior being slightly larger and such a show-off, I’ll probably remove the shield which is just getting in everyone’s way.

Three warriors in pastel shade heavy plate armour

Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh rampaging through a hamlet

Back view of Chaos Warriors showing a shield

The warriors issue a challenge to the inhabitants

Regiment of twelve Chaos Warriors in bright pastel shaded armour

The servants of Slaanesh gather to continue their orgy of destruction elsewhere

Chaos is Coming to Town

Slowly and insidiously the followers of the Dark Prince are worming their way onto my miniatures shelves. Over the course of the last couple of months I have finished three more Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh for my Oldhammer collection.

Three old school Chaos Warriors in pastel armour on a town square in front of a wooden cart

The followers of Slaanesh sacking another helpless village

For the shields I went with geometrical symbols and a bit of lettering to mix things up. I might do more of that on the remaining models, but as it can be a pain indeed, I might also fall back onto something simpler.

Chaos Warrior in yellow armour holding a turquoise shield with the word Pain painted on

This servant of Chaos revels in bringing the pain

Chaos Warrior in white and pink armour with a green shield and the white symbol of Slaanesh

The sign of Slaanesh is the sick symbol of depravity

Chaos Warrior holding shield aloft displaying purple ornaments on a black background

Dark runes proclaim this warrior’s allegiance

I’ve also been putting together more Mordanburg houses from 4Ground and finally managed to paint a cart and barrels that I built as scatter terrain a long while back. The cart is an early 4Ground model, while the barrels are from Renedra.

Chaos Warriors facing each other with raised swords outside a hovel

Before long, the slaves to darkness turn on each other


Devilish Delights

I’ve reached my initial goal of painting six Chaos Warriors / Chaos Marauders for my Oldhammer Army of Slaanesh. I’m using the list from Slaves to Darkness rather than Warhammer Armies to really get into the background and madness of the Ruinous Powers.

For warband gaming these six will be plenty, but as I do like my ranked up armies, I decided I need a dozen, so I will continue on my quest.

Front view of three Slaaneshi Warriors of Chaos with shields

Rudolphus Lewdgaze, Adalbert Horner and Boris Heartcleaver

Front view of three Slaaneshi Warriors of Chaos with various armaments

Eric Umbrand Earthshaker, Heiner Fiendlein and Sigismund von Klauenburg

I’m using a variety of pastel shades across the figures so each has a distinct look and character, as opposed to the uniform colours I apply for other armies. As a common theme I am painting all weapon blades in shining silver with a blue wash and other metal parts in either red gold or blue silver.

Back view of three Slaaneshi Warriors of Chaos advancing on a house

Lock up your daughters, sons and livestock

Back view of three Slaaneshi Warriors of Chaos attacking a house

There will be feasting in Slaanesh’s honour tonight

Pleasure and Pain

Between my Undead and Dark Elves for Oldhammer I’ve been painting a lot of black lately. As a little distraction from all the rank and file for those armies I’ve decided to give the ever colourful Chaos some love.

As a starting point I used the only painted Chaos Warrior I had, a follower of Slaanesh. His base colour was already a pleasing shade of lime green which I highlighted a bit more. I then repainted the metal parts and gifted him a new shield with his patron’s symbol.

Front of Chaos Warrior of Slaanesh in light green armour with maul and shield

Back of Chaos Warrior of Slaanesh in light green armour with maul and shield

The second disciple of the Prince of Pleasure was painted from scratch. The careful mixing and layering of the pink armour was a painful process at times, but in the end I was ecstatic with the result.

Front of Chaos Warrior of Slaanesh in pink armour with sword

Back of Chaos Warrior of Slaanesh in pink armour with sword

Orcs Just Want to Have Fun

The chances of getting an Orc Champion in Slaves to Darkness aren’t very high – roll 96-00 on a D100, followed by 69-80. However, when reading how Chico, that prophet of perversion, was raising a coven of Slaanesh worshipping Dark Elves, against all odds a seed of corruption was planted in my mind. Those are the dangers of following Oldhammer on a Budget.

Orc Champion of Slaanesh with Snotlings

Orc Champion of Slaanesh with Snotling followers

Several models from my unpainted greenskin collection immediately sprang to mind as suitable followers for the Prince of Pleasure. First off, some impressionable and simple minded, yet easily excitable Snotlings. Always prone to playing cruel games and pranks, they should serve to give Slaanesh a giggle or two in their desire to please him.

Snotlings of Slaanesh

Snotlings of Slaanesh, commonly known as Porklings

For the Champion itself, my eye fell on the model for Hardnose Mard the Truly Unpleasant. This character was featured in the Ravening Hordes flyer from the Warhammer 2nd Edition box set. I’ve been looking for a suitable role for the figure since it’s a great sculpt with lots of character and extravagant detail, but doesn’t quite fit with the rest of my Orcs & Goblins for Warhammer 3rd Edition.

I painted the newly coined Champion of Chaos in polished bronze, lush pink and blue and shiny silver, to please his patron. The flayed Snotling hide was painted in old Gretchin Green.

Orc Champion of Slaanesh

Skinning things with his big knife has become an obsession

I have yet to discover the backstory of how this Orc came into the service of the Lord of Decadence. I think it has something to do with prolonged exposure to Dark Elves and a demonic bracelet. As for future followers of this Champion – not many self-respecting Orcs or even Goblins are going to follow his path so he will most likely ally himself with foul Beastmen and the human slaves to darkness.

Orc Champion of Slaanesh

The elaborate armour is a trophy taken from a defeated Champion