Bringing Up the Artillery

The horde of Orcs & Goblins I am gathering for Warhammer 3rd Edition has got paint on in its entirety (I’m aiming for a modest 1,500 points under the Warhammer Armies list), but about half still needs to be shaded, highlighted and detailed. Buoyed by the thrill of finally seeing the boar riders finished, I took aim at my second artillery piece.

Wooden frame bolt thrower with three Orc crewmen

Orc Spear Chukka

The Orc Spear Chukka had been in painting limbo the longest by far. The bolt thrower itself has been in my possession for decades and it has seen service with a variety of armies. Eventually I acquired some of the Orc crew to go with it, so it is now a fixed part of their artillery. The commander originally belongs to the Rock Chukka of the same series.

Orc holding a spear projectile


Orc with red top knot holding a whip


Grumpy looking Orc with spiked helmet


Rear view of bolt thrower and crew

Sighting the enemy

The Orc Tribes are Gathering

Back in Orctober I continued work on a mob of war boar riders for my Warhammer 3rd Edition Orcs & Goblins. I converted these three years ago already, using the Marauder MB2 infantry models as riders on Citadel war boars.

Now the second rank of five is finished, also completing the continent of the Greedy Maw tribe for my Oldhammer army. Heavily armoured and well equipped with a regiment on foot and the only cavalry in the horde, these are the elite core of the force who have subjugated other tribes and lead them into battle.

Orcs on boars bearing shields with gaping maws full of teeth painted on

Orcs driving their ill-tempered mounts towards the enemy

Orc leader on war boar with a horned skull head plate

The proud owner of a pimped up war boar

Army of Orcs & Goblins in front of a medieval village

With the village sacked, the horde marches on

The Long Riders

It’s been three years since I converted and painted the first Orcs Snorta for my Oldhammer Orcs & Goblins. Now that Orctober has come around once again, it was high time to turn this lone rider into a unit.

Five orcs in red scale armour riding on wild boars

The steppe trembles under the hooves of the war boars

The war boars are all Citadel and designed by Goblinmaster Kev Adams. As the hero of the mob I chose a rider by Kev with a suitably impressive helmet.

An orc with a warhammer sitting astride a boar with a skull mask

The leader’s snarl rivals that of his beast

The champion and troopers are from th MB2 Marauder range on Citadel boars. It was an easy conversion job, snipping off the legs under the scale mail and reattaching them against the flanks of the mounts.

An orc wielding two axes riding a war boar

Swinging two axes, the champion urges his mount forward

Two orcs riding boars with axes and shields

The Snortas are the elite warriors of the clan

I have five more riders sitting ready for painting as a second rank to complete the elite contingent of the army. After that, more of the boyz and scores of gobbos!

Five or boar riders and a regiment of orcs on foot in the background

First into the fight

Lead Belching Machinery of Destruction

I am terrible at painting war machines, never quite being able to finish the machine and all its crew. Seeing the splendid results on Azazel’s Bitz Box of what can be achieved with some dedication towards the Machineries of Destruction I decided to do better from now on.

First up in my collection of now fully battle ready artillery is the Lead Belcher organ gun designed by Kev Adams for my Oldhammer Orcs & Goblins.

Front view of the Lead Belcher on the battlefield

Pointing the barrels in the right direction is a promising start

I happily took the shortcut of only painting three crewmen, which are required for the organ gun to be mobile on the battlefield. The additional crew are likely to find their way into the baggage train I am planning to build (one day).

Goblin crewmen for the Lead Belcher

Wat yu laffin’ at?

The second-hand set came with only two of the original wheel scythes, so I replaced them all with plastic scythe blades from the old Skeleton Warriors set.

Side view of the Lead Belcher with scythed wheels

Lotssa slicy bitz

Rear view of the Lead Belcher pointing at a unit of Orc Arrer Boyz

Kil ’em ded

Orcs Just Want to Have Fun

The chances of getting an Orc Champion in Slaves to Darkness aren’t very high – roll 96-00 on a D100, followed by 69-80. However, when reading how Chico, that prophet of perversion, was raising a coven of Slaanesh worshipping Dark Elves, against all odds a seed of corruption was planted in my mind. Those are the dangers of following Oldhammer on a Budget.

Orc Champion of Slaanesh with Snotlings

Orc Champion of Slaanesh with Snotling followers

Several models from my unpainted greenskin collection immediately sprang to mind as suitable followers for the Prince of Pleasure. First off, some impressionable and simple minded, yet easily excitable Snotlings. Always prone to playing cruel games and pranks, they should serve to give Slaanesh a giggle or two in their desire to please him.

Snotlings of Slaanesh

Snotlings of Slaanesh, commonly known as Porklings

For the Champion itself, my eye fell on the model for Hardnose Mard the Truly Unpleasant. This character was featured in the Ravening Hordes flyer from the Warhammer 2nd Edition box set. I’ve been looking for a suitable role for the figure since it’s a great sculpt with lots of character and extravagant detail, but doesn’t quite fit with the rest of my Orcs & Goblins for Warhammer 3rd Edition.

I painted the newly coined Champion of Chaos in polished bronze, lush pink and blue and shiny silver, to please his patron. The flayed Snotling hide was painted in old Gretchin Green.

Orc Champion of Slaanesh

Skinning things with his big knife has become an obsession

I have yet to discover the backstory of how this Orc came into the service of the Lord of Decadence. I think it has something to do with prolonged exposure to Dark Elves and a demonic bracelet. As for future followers of this Champion – not many self-respecting Orcs or even Goblins are going to follow his path so he will most likely ally himself with foul Beastmen and the human slaves to darkness.

Orc Champion of Slaanesh

The elaborate armour is a trophy taken from a defeated Champion

The Fighting Big Uns

The regiment of Big Uns for my Warhammer 3rd Edition Orcs & Goblins is finished. Halfway through a unit of this size I usually run out of steam, but this time I kept steadily at it, while working on some side projects for variety.

Oldhammer Orc Regiment by Marauder Miniatures

Mob of Big Uns marching into battle

I converted the banner pole since it is too large in its original configuration and sticks out way in front of the model. With the overall theme of the unit being “sumwer’ from tha east”, I felt a Nippon style banner wouldn’t look out of place.

Oldhammer Orc Regiment by Marauder Miniatures

Flying the banner of the Greedy Maw

The shield emblems are all variations on the tribe’s motif, the Greedy Maw.

Oldhammer Orc Regiment by Marauder Miniatures

Heavily armed and armoured, clearly the elite of the horde