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Sword & Sorcery

I haven’t worked on my Oldhammer Dark Elf army since the start of the year, so it was time for an update. Rather than committing myself to another unit, I finished two of the three character models that I have in the list – an Assassin and a Sorcerer.

Dark Elf miniatures inside the model of a gothic ruin
Cold steel and dark magic are a fearsome combination

I kept the paint jobs simple and dark as usual, with the only divergence from the standard colours being some bronze on the Sorcerer and a verdigris wash on his magical amulet. I particularly like the stances of these two that fit their professions very well.

Dark Elf Sorcerer in black clothes with silver skull cap, holding an amulet and pointing forward
Death-hood – level 15 Sorcerer
Dark Elf Assassin crouching with a scimitar and dagger
Goredirker – level 10 Assassin
Back view of the Dark Elves, showing equipment like rope, crossbow, daggers and vials
With their targets eliminated, the deadly duo turn away to choose new victims








Evil Crossbowmen of the Dark Citadel

I didn’t make much progress with my Oldhammer armies last year, so it is time to revisit some half finished forces and regiments. My Dark Elves for example needed a second unit of ten crossbowmen, all of which had been assembled and prepared when I first worked on the project.

Leading the freshly painted regiment is the Evil Dark Elf Captain from the 1985 Citadel Miniatures BC2 Monsters Starter Set (Stuff of Legends to the rescue again in identifying the sculpt). I like the style of his armour and equipment, only the sword looks more like an orcish cleaver than an elven blade. I’ll work that into his backstory somehow.

Miniature figure of a Dark Elf with black, purple, green and silver armour and clothing
Citadel Miniatures Evil Dark Elf Captain

Most of the troopers are from the Marauder Miniatures 1988 MM70 Dark Elves range.

Three figures of Dark Elves carrying crossbows
Marauder Miniatures Dark Elves with crossbows
Three figures of Dark Elves carrying repeating crossbows with magazines
Marauder Miniatures Dark Elves with crossbows

In proportions and style they fit well with the Citadel Fantasy Regiments Dark Elves – in fact better than most of Citadel’s own metal range, so I have added three to the ranks.

Three Dark Elf miniatures carrying crossbows
Citadel Miniatures Dark Elves with crossbows
Regiment of ten Dark Elves in two ranks armed with crossbows
Regiment of Dark Elf crossbowmen

Repeating Bolt Thrower

Since I am finishing bolt throwers, here’s another one for my Oldhammer Dark Elves. I’m using the Warhammer Armies entry, so painted up just two of the four crew that come with the model. Once I have a second machine, this can then be operated by the other two.

A black bolt thrower with silver ornaments operated by two Dark Elves
Dark Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower in the field
Front view of two Dark Elves in black, green and purple clothing with silver helmets
Bolt thrower crew
Rear view of the Dark Elf crewmen
Bolt thrower crew – bonus view
View of the bolt thrower with its operating mechanism and the bolt magazine on top
The repeater bolt thrower is an elegant piece of Dark Elf engineering

Lance and Crossbows

The first detachment of crossbowmen for my Oldhammer Dark Elves is finished. It’s a combination of five metal and five plastic figures from Citadel. For the second detachment I am mixing the plastics with metal Marauder sculpts.

A 10-strong detachment of Dark Elves with crossbows
A detachment of crossbowmen advances

I also completed the first of my Doomdrakes, five Dark Elf knights on Cold Ones. For the mount I went with a classic green scheme which also ties it into the army colours. The rider uses the uniform purple, black and iron with green accents. For this unit I want to use the more unusually shaped old shields. I painted this up very basic and will decorate it later once the rest of the unit is finished (probably with some runes in white).

Right side view of a Dark Elf rider on Cold One with shield and lance
A Doomdrake lowers her lance for the charge

I converted the rider and equipped her with a lance taken from the classic plastic skeleton horsemen. I think the long, slim lance tip fits the Dark Elven style very well.

Left side view of a Dark Elf rider on Cold One with shield and lance
Enemies will get skewered by a lance or mauled by a giant lizard

Murderous Kin

The core regiment of Dark Elf Warriors I started last year has been languishing close to completion for a while as I got distracted by the call of the necromancer. Now I’ve finally managed to paint the last three remaining figures to make a band of twenty.

Regiment of Warhammer Dark Elf Warriors for Oldhammer

There are a couple of elements I’ll go back to later on in the project before I can call it finished. There are some shields that don’t have emblems yet. I might rethink the design of the shields altogether and mix in more of the typical Dark Elf shapes that I used for two of the latest additions. I also kept their shield bosses, the one on the right came with the small demonic face that I didn’t want to lose.

Three Warhammer Dark Elf Warriors for Oldhammer

I still want to find a replacement for the missing banner top as well. I’m waiting for the right flash of inspiration, which will probably come once I start delving a bit into the army’s backstory.

Front rank Warhammer Dark Elf Warriors for Oldhammer