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Salute 2018 – World War 1

The theme for Salute 2018 was World War 1 and there were a number of tables recreating events from its history.

Maidstone Wargames Society built the cruiser Vindictive and the mole for the raid on Zeebrugge in 1918.

Cruiser moored at a harbour wall
The Storming of Zeebrugge by Maidstone Wargames Society
View down the mole with its defence guns
The Storming of Zeebrugge by Maidstone Wargames Society
Gun crews on the cruiser
The Storming of Zeebrugge by Maidstone Wargames Society

Meanwhile, the Naval Wargames Society used a smaller scale to capture the ship action leading up to the landing.

Zeebrugge harbour entrance with war ships approaching
The Zeebrugge Raid by The Naval Wargames Society

Scarab Miniatures also set their scenario during the final year of the war, with the French and British engaging in a push against the German lines.

Tanks and infantry advancing onto trenches and barbed wire lines
1918 Zero Hour by Scarab Miniatures
Infantry emerging from ruined buildings past two burning tanks
1918 Zero Hour by Scarab Miniatures

1914 was the year of Great Escape Games’ battle between brigade sized forces on the plains of Holland (I assume, due to the windmill).

Cavalry and infantry advancing over open fields with a windmill in the foreground
1914 by Great Escape Games
A river running through fields with farmsteads occupied by soldiers
1914 by Great Escape Games

Southbourne Tabletop and Boardgamers (I believe, the records are sketchy) took the fighting to East Africa in 1914.

Small supply camp in tropical vegetation
East Africa 1914 by Southbourne Tabletop and Boardgamers
Ruined factory building in the jungle
East Africa 1914 by Southbourne Tabletop and Boardgamers

Lake Tanganika was the setting for several simultaneous naval battles fought out by Peterborough Wargames Society.

African houses on an outcrop of land by a large blue lake
Battles for Lake Tanganika by Peterborough Wargames Society

Wings of Glory Aerodrome UK meanwhile took to the skies with dogfights both in the WW1 and WW2 eras.

Aerial view of a battlefield with planes and air defence balloons amongst clouds
Wings of Glory Aerodrome UK

And finally, there was also a life sized World War 1 tank on display in the hall. I can’t tell the marks apart, so I shall just leave this here.

World War 1 tank
World War 1 tank
Interior of World War 1 tank
Interior of World War 1 tank

Salute 2018 – Ancients & Dark Ages

Since I am working on Achaemenid Persians at the moment, I was pleased to see several battles from the era reenacted on the tabletop at Salute 2018.

Newbury & Reading Wargames Society staged the Battle of Ipsus in 301 BC during the wars of Alexander’s succession.

Two battle lines facing off with pikes, cavalry, chariots and elephants
Battle of Ipsus by Newbury & Reading Wargames Society
Pike formation with skirmishing screen
Battle of Ipsus by Newbury & Reading Wargames Society
War elephants with archer support
Battle of Ipsus by Newbury & Reading Wargames Society

The Battle of Paraitakene in 317 BC between the forces of Antigonus and Eumenes was fought out by the Society of Ancients.

Army of infantry, cavalry and war elephants marching towards the enemy line
Battle of Paraitakene by Society of Ancients
View from behind pike formations towards the opposing army
Battle of Paraitakene by Society of Ancients
War elephant spearheading a cavalry charge
Battle of Paraitakene by Society of Ancients

Donnington Miniatures were fielding Macedonian era troops as well in their demo game for Mortem et Gloriam.

Macedonian cavalry and infantry advancing towards massed enemy lines
Mortem et Gloriam at Salute 2018

The starter set for Gangs of Rome was available on the day and there were some demo games held to introduce new players.

Roman city scape with small arena in the corner
Gangs of Rome at Salute 2018

Wargames Illustrated put on ‘Druid’, seeing Celtic warriors do battle in a semi-mystical setting.

Ancient landscape with a river and bridge, woods and a village protected by wooden palisades
Druid by Wargames Illustrated
Large wicker man in front of a wooden village
Druid by Wargames Illustrated
Celtic warriors advancing towards a wooden watchtower
Druid by Wargames Illustrated
View through trees onto a group of riders passing by a wooden palisade
Druid by Wargames Illustrated

Several demo tables for Saga were obligatory, here a dark age fight in full swing captured by undeadhighelf.

Groups of dark age warriors fighting through a hamlet
Saga at Salute 2018

Salute 2018 – Fantasy

There were no large scale fantasy themed displays at Salute 2018. Just a lull before the storm hopefully, with the return of Confrontation, Oathmark and Saga 2 Fantasy on the horizon.

Burrows & Badgers by Oathsworn seems to be steadily gaining in popularity, which is no surprise given the quality and character of their sculpts.

Anthropomorphic animals in medieval clothing with swords, slings and bows
Burrows & Badgers by Oathsworn
Rodents and other animals in human dress fighting in front of a medieval house
Burrows & Badgers by Oathsworn
A badger swinging a club at a rat
Burrows & Badgers by Oathsworn

Mierce Miniatures with their Darklands range are proving a temptation every year. I might have to start saving to get some minotaurs next year.

Three-dimensional dungeon set up with roaming monsters
Darklands by Mierce Miniatures
Dungeon room with a demonic statue surrounded by mounds of skulls and protected by a giant spider
Darklands by Mierce Miniatures
A giant beetle and two skeletons in a dungeon corridor with pillars and statues
Darklands by Mierce Miniatures
Front of a large classical temple with warbands fighting for access
Darklands by Mierce Miniatures
Groups of savage fighters attacking each other
Darklands by Mierce Miniatures

4Ground ran demos of Fabled Realms again, a system and world I’m looking forward to delving into when it comes to retail.

Top down view of a small temple set in grassland with a group of fighters passing by
Fabled Realms by 4Ground
A druidic stone circle with skirmishing warriors in the background
Fabled Realms by 4Ground

Yet another fantasy skirmish system I have been meaning to check out for years is ArcWorlde. While I might never play it, some of their monsters are just fantastic.

Stone fortifications and thatched houses covered in snow
ArcWorlde by Warploque Miniatures
Redoubt with painted murals overlooking a band of undead warriors
ArcWorlde by Warploque Miniatures

Skirmish Wargames put on a cheap and cheerful game set in the world of Conan, using only inexpensive plastic toy figures, nicely painted up.

Skeletons, a manticore and two barbarians approaching a demonic stone statue
By Crom! by Skirmish Wargames

Malifaux demo games were held on a variety of tables, using ready made scenery largely provided by Plast Craft.

Circus wagons surrounding an arena with houses in the background
Malifaux by Wyrd Games

Salute 2018 – Sci-Fi

Salute 2018 wargaming convention has come and gone in a flash. The trend of fewer large independent display tables and more company run demo and participation games is continuing, and there was a noticeable increase in open floor space, presumably also due to the ongoing consolidation of gaming franchises.

4Ground’s presence is growing year on year, and they had many tables on display for the variety of settings they now support with their terrain. In this year of Star Wars Legion, the biggest was a proof of concept for a star ship hangar bay with particularly shiny floors.

Hangar bay with black floor, stormtroopers, AT-ST and TIE fighter
Star Wars Legion by 4Ground
Imperial landing craft in hangar bay
Star Wars Legion by 4Ground

There were also some lovely mechs and a gaming table for use with Fallout on show.

Battle mech standing next to a hangar building
Battle mech hangar by 4Ground
Containers and ramshackle walkways in a wasteland
Fallout by 4Ground

Wild West Exodus was also being presented on a large stand this year, and some very original and elaborate demo tables were showcasing this growing games system.

Inside of a tech facility with red growing tubes
Wild West Exodus
Rugged mountainside with arachnid blue monsters
Wild West Exodus

The South London Warlords staged the Dr Who based Invasion Earth including two life sized Daleks.

Two life sized Daleks
Dr Who by South London Warlords
Industrial loading bay with crane and the tardis
Dr Who by South London Warlords

Anvil Industry brought some nice demo tables for Afterlife, including a backlit tech compound.

Top down view of a green illuminated floor reminiscent of computer circuits
Afterlife by Anvil Industry
Armoured fighting vehicles amongst industrial terrain
Afterlife by Anvil Industry

My local gaming store Dark Sphere had set up a gazebo to play games of Star Wars Legion and Necromunda in the dark, illuminated only by special effects on the boards themselves.

Industrial terrain illuminated by internal LED lights and in billowing smoke
Necromunda by Dark Sphere

Various other gaming companies and clubs had brought their demo gaming tables along, below a selection of my snapshots.

Compound under attack by Necrons in ice crystal landscape
Mad Gaming Terrain
Post-apocalyptic industrial scenery
Collision by Code Orange Games
Colourful multi story sci-fi terrain
Thunder Chrome printable scenery
Wasteland board and character sheets
Gunny Pets by Bad Squiddo Games
Wasteland with car wrecks and mutants
Demolition Derby for 7TV by Crooked Dice
Chinatown scenery with a stompy robot
It’s Not Easy Being Green for 7TV by Crooked Dice
Desert terrain with buildings and a fortification
Infinity with Plast Craft terrain
Fleets of space ships on a star mat
Red Alert by PSC Games