Brute Force

I’ve had these chunky metal Ogryns for Warhammer 40k half-painted for the longest time, since their unconventional style of uniform didn’t fit with any of the Imperial Guard regiments I was building. As soon as I decided to paint a detachment of Catachan Jungle Fighters however, they found their spiritual home.

Large humanoid figure with a horned helmet and a bulky rifle
The Bone ‘ead is the leader of his small fire team
Ogryn with a heavy, stubby rifle and a large combat knife
Ripper guns lay down heavy fire at short range
Ogryn holding a gun with attached bayonet
What the bullets don’t fell, the bayonet will take care of

Now I am just missing the Captain for this 500 points Catachan infantry detachment. There’s going to be a rumble in the jungle soon, as they discover long abandoned ruins and reawaken forces that should better have been left in their eternal stasis…

Three Ogryns in a jungle of vibrant plants
Ogryns are usually found in the spearhead of an Imperial Guard assault
Back view of three Ogryns in front of green foliage
Cutting a path through the dense jungle

14 thoughts on “Brute Force”

  1. Aww, dang. These old lugs are some of my very favourite models, for some reason. Something about those gormless faces, their overall heft, nice variety of poses, they just WORK for me.

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