Cataphracts of Chaos

My Warriors of Chaos are nearly ready to invade the civilised empires now that I have completed the final unit of the army. These five Chaos Knights and their steeds are the most costly fighters in their warband, but they do pack a mean iron fisted punch unless they can be stopped by an artillery barrage before smashing into the enemy lines.

Five heavily armoured riders ahead of several infantry units
The Chaos Knights break into a charge

Since this cavalry is nearly completely covered in metal plates without any of the pelts that break up the Chaos Warriors’ colour scheme, I applied some flesh wash to the horse barding which gives it a different tone from the riders in their cold steel. Horns and fleshy bits on the shields do the rest with some bronze elements on the command group.

Shield detail with a demonic visage cut from skin
A demonic soul is bound into this shield
Bronze horn in the shape of a draconic head
The diabolical horn comes alive in battle
Shield detail with flayed skin and multiple eyeballs
Prying eyes from the Realm of Chaos
Horse's head covered by a skull with a curved horn
The steed is armoured in the skull of a defeated monster
Helmet of the champion sporting two horns with impaled skulls
The Doom Knight fights to earn glory in the eyes of the gods

Now what this force needs is a mighty and ruthless leader, backed up by a cunning practitioner of the dark arts to lead it into battle and glorious victory for the gods of Chaos.

Eye level view of the cavalry coming towards the viewer
Get out of the way or be trampled into the dust

14 thoughts on “Cataphracts of Chaos”

  1. These are great, this army is going to look excellent when it’s done. I used to dream of having an all-mounted Chaos army with big blocks of knights and mounted marauders. Love the shield with all the eyes, that’s always been one of my favourite bits in that kit and you’ve made it look chillingly alive.

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    1. Thank you! Mounted Marauders are definitely on the list when I expand the army. Cheeper and fast troops would be quite important to shield the warriors/knights and disrupt the enemy while the hard hitters move up. I am happy with how the eyes turned out, I think I got the pupils right to look alive.

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    1. They might actually be the newest Citadel sculpts I own. The previous versions I never finished painting, the Empire horses with the metal heads didn’t excite me, though the riders were nice. They might find their way into a Saga AoM force at some point. I’ve been playing/collecting from 3rd to 8th edition, I think the median age of the figures I own is ca. 1995.

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    1. Thank you! Now that I have managed to turn you onto the path to eternal damnation, I’ll probably need to make my first roll on the Chaos Gifts table. Where’s my D100…

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    1. Thanks, they did turn out more individual than I thought with the various armour types and horse barding, while still having the appeal of a wall of steel and blades rolling at the enemy.

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