Herding the Runtz

My mate undeadhighelf kindly sent me three Grotz, providing me with the perfect opportunity to expand my Blood Axe warband with a Runtherd and his minions. Usually part of the Squig Katapult crew, they make great looking assistants working in the Squig Acquisition department of the horde.

Three Gretchin with squig hunting utensils
Stab, net and stash – the three steps of squig hunting

Once a warband reaches a certain size, it’s really time to hire a GR Manager to keep all those pesky employees in check that are not like Orks motivated enough by the prospect of the next good scrap. The Runtherd is a firm believer in the carrot and stick approach to leadership. Unfortunately for the Gretchin, the squigs ate all the carrots.

Ork Runtherd with bullwhip and bolt pistol
Grot Resource Management is a thankless task
Back view of a Blood Axe Runtherd and Grot assistants
Headin’ out to hunt sum squigs

12 thoughts on “Herding the Runtz”

  1. What a merry band! The one with the raised dagger looks like he is biting his nails – a detail that I didn’t notice in their unpainted state.
    Nice work, as always. Happy to see you got them painted so soon.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Cheers, I really enjoyed working on this little group. Didn’t want them to disappear into the lead pile, so they went straight to being based after I received the package – still took a bit longer to paint them though.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you like them! I am using two layers of highlight – Elysian Green, followed by Rotting Flesh (both Citadel, though the latter is a really old pot, not sure if that shade currently exists).


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