Spreading Discord

In lieu of any significant hobby progress and to battle the Salute-That-Never-Was 2020 blues this weekend I set up a Discord server for The Lost and the Damned. I hope some of you lot will join me there for raving discussions and colourful banter about toy soldiers and the worlds they inhabit.


For my part I’ll be using it to present some of the activities that don’t make the cut for a blog post, like staging this single player Warhammer 3rd Edition battle between my nearly finished Orcs & Goblins and my not quite so nearly finished Dwarfs.

Battle scene with a mix of painted and unpainted miniatures
Orcs battling ghostly apparitions of dwarfs

5 thoughts on “Spreading Discord”

    1. Great blog. Very nice 3rd edition models.
      I have a quick question if you don’t mind? You mentioned you were playing a solo game. Are there any specific rules you follow for this or do you just go all out to win during each turn?
      Not long till I become a dad so I’m thinking games night may be more home focused for some time to come, so looking to focus more on the solo side of the hobby (painting, reading and, hopefully, playing)


    2. Thank you. I don’t have any rules for solo gaming, just enjoyed getting the armies out and seeing where the dice took me. It’s mostly to motivate me to finish painting them, re-learn the rules and get some ideas for storytelling. Rangers of Shadow Deep seems like an interesting option for solo and co-op gaming, and I am planning on purchasing it at some point.

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    3. I suppose in a way I do this. I’ve almost been playing 8th edition Kill Team solo since it came out in this way if I think of it.
      Solo game wise I can recommend Lord of the Rings LCG, if you’re into card building games. I bought it by chance and really got into it


    4. I’m not a fan of card games, I prefer miniature based games or board games. Kill Team is a good motivator for painting and collecting small forces. For that purpose I also bought some Osprey titles like Scrappers and Rogue Stars, but haven’t played them yet. Fun to put together some forces though using existing miniatures from my collection.


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