Daughters of Khaine

Edging closer to completion, I painted up the ten Witch Elves in my Oldhammer Dark Elves army for Warhammer 3rd Edition. These are a mixture of slotta and earlier sculpts – the older ones are my favourites in terms of posing, best demonstrating their bloodlust as they throw themselves into battle.

Edit: As Leadballooney pointed out, these make a good addition to his 3rd Fembruary Challenge as well. While these female furies are equipped for battle in realistic armoured gear, the whole range of different regiments in the army actually includes female fighters alongside male ones. Something I really want to see more of, as most of the time they are included in armies only as distinct formations.

Unit of ten female Dark Elves in chainmail
Furious Witch Elves storm ahead of the army
Two ranks of Witch Elves with swords and knives
The witches wield wicked blades

I wanted to keep the overall colour scheme of the force unchanged while also distinguishing them as being part of a specific faction. Therefore I opted for replacing purple with red, which in addition to their more dynamic poses and flowing hair gives them a different vibe to the rest of the regiments.

Five Witch Elves in loose formation
Blood red is the colour of this murderous coven

30 thoughts on “Daughters of Khaine”

    1. Thank you! The movement trays are made from art store cardboard and get the same treatment as the bases. I usually break up trays for larger units so they are in sections of two to three ranks each that can be taken away when casualties mount.

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    1. Thank you! I think in the 80s there was actually a higher percentage of female figures in realistic armour than in later decades, probably because the influence from historical wargaming was still stronger. What I also liked about the old Dark Elves range is that there were always female fighters in all of the units.


  1. I plan to try to put together a unit of witch elves in armour using the older figures if I can find enough of them, if not it will just be a mixed unit of male and female dark elves. . I like the way you have painted the skin on the Witch Elves, what colours did you use?


    1. Cheers, I am using Celestra Grey base over black undercoat, Reikland Fleshshade wash, followed by Celestra Grey and white highlights.


  2. Thanks I am using Coat d`arms, Vallejo, Reaper or P3 paints so I will see what I can do to find similar colours. Even have some old Ral Partha paints around that have lasted very well. I used to use GW paints but gave up on them because: price is too high, paint dries out too quickly due to poor containers, and just like their rules they seem to change them every 4 years! I do occasionally buy GW paints when I can`t find anything similar by another company, but as the game shops are all closed at the moment that won`t be an option.

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    1. The left one is a Wood Elf Wardancer , the right one I don’t recognise from the top of my head, but the style looks like a Citadel our Marauder Wood Elf Mage to me.


  3. Thanks that makes sense. All the Witch Elves pictured in your collection are by Citadel C09 series rather than Marauder figures?


    1. I believe they are all Citadel (some solid base, some slotta), the later Marauder style for Witch Elves was quite different and doesn’t mix well.


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