Drakes of Doom

Progress on my Dark Elves for Warhammer 3rd Edition is slow, something which these Doomdrakes aptly demonstrate. The first of the Cold One riders was finished in 2015, and I just completed the last. There probably won’t be a second rank anytime soon.

Five Dark Elves riding giant lizards in front of a castle

Dark Elf knights leaving their stronghold

Since I am fielding them carrying lances, I converted some of the riders, using the plastic lances from the original Citadel skeleton horsemen. For the shields I decided on particularly sharp edged versions, which suit Dark Elves in any case, envisioning them being used as weapons, slicing limbs off their opponents as they thunder past.

Dark Elves on giant lizards carrying shields, lances and swords

The Cold Ones take up the scent of their prey

This leaves me with ten Witch Elves and a Jabberwock to finish for my modest raiding force of 65 models, equalling 1,500 points in old money.

20 thoughts on “Drakes of Doom

    • Thanks! I’m going with a very limited colour palette on this army. For the Witch Elves I might substitute purple with red though.

    • Thanks, I think it makes for a good contrast with the lizard green and has a nice glow against the black. Nobody is going to mistake these guys for Sea Elves.

    • No, they are indeed pricey. I feel that without lances they really wouldn’t stand a chance of paying for their upkeep. I’d be more likely to get a second small unit of cavalry for the army, but that is also more of a long term vision.

    • Thanks! I am never a fast painter, but slowing to a crawl when I don’t feel particularly inspired to paint. Still always great to finish another regiment/squad.

    • Used to use Citadel, but switched to Army Painter (didn’t have any issues with Citadel, just wanted to give my money to smaller manufacturers). Still looking for good dry brushes though, my AP ones got bendy bristles very quickly. I do prefer the flat angled dry brushes over round ones for most miniature work.

    • yes the angled brushes are really good, i use them in the oil still life i paint too, i have seen some Raphael brushes oon ebay for about Ā£4 each, i will try them out, not done much dry brushing yet, must keep trying it..

    • Thank you! It was satisfying to get them finished and I am happy the colour choices worked. I don’t paint cavalry much so it is always a special achievement.

    • Thanks! I got the figures second hand and there was thick paint on them, making work on the scales less than ideal. I used just three paints straight from the pot for them (all Citadel): Orkhide Shade, Warpstone Glow, Moot Green. The first figure had a different highlight colour, but I forgot what it was…

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