Support Sections

I continued with my late war Germans and completed the infantry support units. From start to finish the force took me 6 weeks of building and painting 64 figures, amounting to 300 points in Battlegroup, a squad level engagement. Costing £27.50 for two sets of figures (plus £2.50 for the German Field Grey Vallejo paint), this is probably my cheapest and quickest playable force so far. Going smaller scale, plastic and Army Painter dip in a historical setting really makes a difference for getting things done.

German medium mortars Normandy 1944

I put together two medium mortar teams with loaders, two MG42s on tripods, an additional grenadier squad with an MG34 on bipod, plus MG ammo carriers. I still have a spare medium mortar and MG42 but felt it’s unlikely I would every use those. I also didn’t build the 120mm mortars since I would rather have them as off table support.

German MG42 machine guns Normandy 1944

German grenadiers Normandy 1944

Two panzerschreck teams, a medic and enough grenadiers with panzerfausts to equip every squad complete the infantry element of this army. Next up, armoured support and possibly some halftracks.

German panzerschreck teams Normandy 1944

German medic and soldiers with panzerfaust Normandy 1944

10 thoughts on “Support Sections”

    1. Thank you. It’ll probably be a while until I start the next phase, I’m messing about with various Warhammer Fantasy Battle armies again right now.

      I think you would get to grips with the dip very quickly, you never seem shy of experimentation in your projects. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with the stuff, if used on greens/browns/greys and you are looking for a bit of a worn and dirty look.

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    2. I only do a handful of figures at a time as they are finished, so I can keep an eye on them while the varnish settles. Saying that, I mostly just needed to mop up around the feet a little, where a bit of extra shading doesn’t hurt the mud effect.

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