Der Kommissar Geht Um

Every Imperial Guard company in Epic 40k 2nd Edition can get a free Commissar detachment, which is highly advisable to field in order to maintain its command structure. Luckily I had five spare Chimeras so I could build and paint a Commissar stand and transport for each of the companies I am planning (Tactical, Heavy, Leman Russ, Baneblade, Shadowsword).

Five small scale infantry stands with armoured personnel carriers

The battalion’s Commissars on a field trip

Close up view of infantry with Commissars and attached armoured vehicles

Commissars are accompanied by chosen soldiers and Chimera transports

Stand of four soldiers, a Commissar and accompanying Chimera

The Chimeras match the Commissars’ black uniforms

View of several infantry units and armoured transports

In battle the Commissars will support their assigned companies

6 thoughts on “Der Kommissar Geht Um

  1. Cracking job mate – really well done at such a tiny scale! I really like the way Commissars roll in epic, just makes more sense for them to have a dedicated guard & transport.

    • Cheers, the scale is quite forgiving, so without any unit markings or heraldry to paint on they were quickly done.

      I guess in 40k they are considered to be embedded in platoons, but on a company level I would assume they do have some dedicated staff and a separate transport vehicle. I do fancy painting a black Chimera now.

    • Yes, everyone was rolling in Rhinos back in the day but I am swapping them all against Chimeras for my Imperial Guard (just the models, keeping the stats so I don’t have to mess about with balancing issues).

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