Catachan Fire Support

I’m working away on a 500 point infantry force of Catachan Jungle Fighters for Warhammer 40k and just put the finishing touches to a heavy weapons squad. Equipped with two heaver bolters and an autocannon, they should be able to shred through dense jungle foliage and everything hiding within it alike.

Left to do now are the commander of this combat patrol and a unit of three Ogryns that will be handy in a close quarter encounter and also share the Catachan dress sense. They should get along great.

Three teams equipped with heavy guns on tripods

That tree just moved, fire!

Heavy weapon team manning an autocannon

The right calibre against small vehicles and large critters

Weapon team with heavy bolter

Keeping the bullets coming

View from behind of a heavy bolter team

Creating a clearing for the advance

Three heavy weapon teams lined up in the jungle

Taking up a defensive position

7 thoughts on “Catachan Fire Support

  1. Very cool mate – that classic colour scheme is a joy. Those boys’ll need an Ogryn to help lug that Autocannon around!! 😂

    • It’s too good of a colour combo to want to mess with. That autocannon really is a beast, I assume it is being used for deadlifting competitions while encamped.

    • Cheers, it’s a pretty good kit, at least compared to the standard plastic infantry. Some more loader options would have been nice, everyone pointing at targets seems a bit silly. Especially since pointing is usually reserved for officers, as we all know.

  2. Excellent. Even though they aren’t well liked in the hobby world I’ve always had a fondness for the catachan. Obviously the Rambo fan in me hehe. You’ve done well man. I have a small posse of Ork Hunters built that need painting and this is definitely inspirational 🤘🏼

    • What’s this hobby world you speak of? Must be in an alternative universe to mine. Looking forward to your Ork Hunters. I see mine mainly as Tyranid Hunters for the moment to motivate me painting more Genestealers, but you just planted the seed for a future project in my head – jungle dwelling Snakebite Orks.

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