Stomping Grounds

Now that the Goff Clan has enough wheels it is time to give da boyz some two-legged mechanical support in the shape of Dreadnoughts and their larger cousins, the Stompaz.

Dreadnoughts seemed the perfect fit for the footsloggin’ Goffs and they just look dead good in black with red and white chequered markings. The Stompaz are also a fitting embodiment of the spirit of Gork and pack some serious punch. Ultimately I might attach them to a Warlord but now they are part of the clan itself and help to alleviate any command and control problems since they can operate independently of the Nobz.

Black armoured war walkers of different sizes among building ruins

Stomp, smash, kill!

Four bipedal armoured walkers with guns and clawed arms

Dreadnoughts are leading the way, eager to clamp and crush their enemies

Back view of walkers of various sizes and infantry advancing through a shattered cityscape

Blasting and bashing their way through the city

I also painted up the plastic Imperial ruins that came with the last boxed edition of the game. Some drybrushing over black and a bit of Agrax Earthshade around the base was all it took to get them onto the table.

Ork infantry and a Stompa in front of a bombed out building

The once proud Imperial city lies in ruins

Space Ork Goff infantry in front of Dreadnought and Stompa war walkers

Da boyz an’ da big boyz

12 thoughts on “Stomping Grounds

    • Thanks, good spot on dreads! I have a mix of old and new vintages for Epic stuff which is great for variety. Green heads for Stompaz and Gargants seem right, as they are incarnations of the gods and orkdom itself. I have a bunch left so some of the other clans will get to field them too (with blue heads for Death Skulls of course).

  1. These make me sorry I left the hobby for so many years, I love them! The colors really pop on these Mechanised destroyers. The old terrain definitely came out well with only the Agrax Earthshade. So much character you’ve brought out here. Fun stuff!

    • The Epic range captured the character of the Space Orks very well, and their iconic colour schemes help to bring it out even more. I rediscovered my passion for it recently and remembered why I collected Space Orks all those years back in the first place. It is getting difficult/expensive to put second hand armies together these days but 3D printing is starting to have an impact and there are increasing options for not-Epic alternatives.

    • Thank you! I have a good selection of buildings now, the ready made cardboard ones from two of the editions are also very nice. There will be a lot of bloody house to house fighting in my epic battles.

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