More Dakka All Around

With the infantry horde done, the Goffs are getting armoured support to crush their enemies. Fitted with deathrollers and grabbing claws, these vehicles complement the Goffs’ close combat capabilities, while also adding some serious mid-range firepower.

I had two of the original Bonebreakas and a Gibletgrinda to hand, while the rest of the vehicles are built from the later plastic battlewagons that took all their design elements from those tanks.

Three tanks with black hulls, cannon turrets and large spiked metal rollers attached to the front
Space Ork Bonebreaka Squadron of the Goff Clan
Large black armoured tank with metal roller at the front and several turrets bristling with cannons
Space Ork Gibletgrinda Battle Fortress of the Goff Clan
Three black tanks with claw and pincer attachments at the front
Space Ork Gutrippa Squadron of the Goff Clan

After fighting half way through a battle against the Imperial Guard Tactical Company I built previously, it became clear that this was lacking stopping power against more heavily armoured opposition. Therefore I commandeered a Baneblade Super Heavy Tank and attached it to the company.

Large grey tank with a battle cannon in the main turret and side sponsons carrying lascannons
Baneblade Super Heavy Tank of the Imperial Guard







10 thoughts on “More Dakka All Around”

    1. Cheers, it is like Whacky Races with guns really. I might have to do the Evil Sunz Clan next, as I have a Skullhamma, Spleenrippaz and Gobsmashaz for them, which will be fun to field.

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  1. I always loved all the Speed Freek craziness in Epic. If GW brought something like this out for 40K I would probably get back into the game. I know that there are a raft of new buggies but I’m thinking of the tanks like the Spleen Rippa and the Lung Bursta.

    I’m so impressed by the quality of the painting that you do at this tiny scale.


    1. Thank you! A stead and and good lighting are essential for painting 6mm scale, but in terms of techniques it is pretty simple and quick.

      I would have much preferred to see more of those tanks in plastic, the new buggies are fun in a Formula Waaaagh! way but they don’t look right for warfare. Just put some of the Epic plastics together as Lung Burstaz and the original Spleen Rippaz and Gob Smashaz are waiting in the wings for the next clan I am going to tackle – Evil Sunz!


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