Blood Axe Raids Intensifying

Painting progress has been slow for a while but I just managed to finish another Blood Axe Nob for the warlord’s retinue. The sculpt is of Thrugg Bullneck himself, leader of the infamous Space Ork Raiders created by Kev Adams.

Note the rock formations and alien plant life in the background, which were bought from a pet store aquarium section. Buying ready made wargames terrain while watching dogs getting shampooed? A win win situation.

Four Orks in military gear with guns amongst rocky outcrops
Grizzled veterans of many wars
Four Space Orks standing in a circle
Council is held

10 thoughts on “Blood Axe Raids Intensifying”

    1. I started out in 40k during their era but lost my collection so I am gradually collecting and painting again. Later Space Orks never reached this level of personalisation.

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    1. Thanks! I chose the figures for the unit for their militaristic look, so that helps tying them together as well. Just the drummer left to go for this lot, then it is on to da Boyz.


  1. Beautiful old-school work there. And I’ve got to back you up on the Aquarium terrain – I talked Marouda into buying me a bridge last week while we were picking up some food and litter. I want to go back after my next payday for some awesome, large Endor-ish pieces that they had…


    1. Thank you! Forest moons and deathworld jungles are ideal settings. I tried out the rock formations on a badlands mat for my Tomb Kings too and they work pretty good. Had my eye on a bridge as well but need to take measurements of my river sections first.


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