Achaemenid Persian Archery

I managed to stick with my Achaemenid Persians and achieve the target of finishing a unit of infantry archers and a unit of horse archers. They are all wearing Median dress and would be troops drawn from the provinces. I am generally distinguishing more elite, royal troops by using yellow head dresses and more purple in their uniforms.

For the basing to use with Field of Glory, I cut 80mm strips of thing cardboard, painted them brown and stuck the figures down with Blue Tac, which makes them easy to move around without movement trays.

Regiment of archers in three ranks with colourful uniforms and a banner
Massed archery

For the infantry, about half of the figures had all their basic colours on already, while the rest were only painted up to a single uniform colour. Now with a bit of highlighting throughout and patterns on their clothing, they can finally pass muster. These are not sparabara, which I have another regiment of that still needs to get the detailing treatment.

Front rank of archer unit
Leader with banner bearer and horn blower
Archers in formation with four files and six ranks
Formed up for the advance

The horse archers are the first of three units of 12 cavalry each I need for the army. Since the others don’t have much paint on them yet, I might continue doing base colours on them first.

Two ranks of horse archers galloping forwards
Closing with the enemy
Unit of horse archers in front of infantry regiment with a watch tower in the background
The cavalry sets off

14 thoughts on “Achaemenid Persian Archery”

  1. I think you nailed the look of Persian troops. I appreciate well executed freehands and I can see you invested a lot of time and effort in make each individual soldier stand out. The unit – as others have mentioned – looks cohesive, while the eye wanders and takes in all the different patterns.

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    1. Glad you think so, which is high praise from a historical aficionado like yourself! I tried to make sure not to have too much repetition with colour and pattern combinations so they do not look like they are wearing uniforms, but at the same time share the same style of clothing.


    1. Thanks for commenting! Adding detailing across so many figures is a tough slog, hence I was painting them only when in the right mood for such a task. Didn’t overcomplicate it and went mostly with dots, being the easiest to pull off.

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  2. Really great work here. The Achaemenid Persians are so colourful and visually loud, and the fact that you’ve gone to the trouble of making every figure an individual with individually detailed and patterned clothing really pays off when the viewer takes more than a cursory glance at them.


    1. Thanks, it was actually quite fun working on them, in small groups at a time, once I had settled on a style of decoration that was simple enough but looked effective en masse.


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