Servants of Mordor

Not least inspired by Azazel’s forces of Mordor, I had a rummage through my stash of dormant projects to find the Mordor Orcs which I painted when The Fellowship of the Ring was released. Some work on the bases later, and they are now an active faction in my roster of armies. The party is lead by the Great Goblin from Mithril Miniatures which stems from my even more remote days of playing MERP.

Group of five orcs amongst broken pillars with a river in the background
Foul orcs are desecrating the ruins of Gondor
Two orcs in front of a barrow mound
Plundering ancient barrows
Two orcs with spears in front of broken columns
Toppling the empires of men

There’s been a lot of talk in wargaming circles about using the Oathmark goblins as orcs for Lord of the Rings, so I thought I’d take a comparison picture between the three ranges I own.

Three orc miniatures from different manufacturers lined up
From left to right: Mithril, Oathmark, Citadel

2 thoughts on “Servants of Mordor”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out. I may have to pick up some of those Oathmark Goblins. Just need to find them at one of my regular suppliers. Or just maybe, paint the LotR Orcs I already have first…? :)


    1. Those Oathmark kits are nice to have for when the urge strikes to build some plastic models. I am holding back on mine now though until I know what the rules are going to be for unit composition. I am picking up a box of Elves however.


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