Salute 2018 – Ancients & Dark Ages

Since I am working on Achaemenid Persians at the moment, I was pleased to see several battles from the era reenacted on the tabletop at Salute 2018.

Newbury & Reading Wargames Society staged the Battle of Ipsus in 301 BC during the wars of Alexander’s succession.

Two battle lines facing off with pikes, cavalry, chariots and elephants

Battle of Ipsus by Newbury & Reading Wargames Society

Pike formation with skirmishing screen

Battle of Ipsus by Newbury & Reading Wargames Society

War elephants with archer support

Battle of Ipsus by Newbury & Reading Wargames Society

The Battle of Paraitakene in 317 BC between the forces of Antigonus and Eumenes was fought out by the Society of Ancients.

Army of infantry, cavalry and war elephants marching towards the enemy line

Battle of Paraitakene by Society of Ancients

View from behind pike formations towards the opposing army

Battle of Paraitakene by Society of Ancients

War elephant spearheading a cavalry charge

Battle of Paraitakene by Society of Ancients

Donnington Miniatures were fielding Macedonian era troops as well in their demo game for Mortem et Gloriam.

Macedonian cavalry and infantry advancing towards massed enemy lines

Mortem et Gloriam at Salute 2018

The starter set for Gangs of Rome was available on the day and there were some demo games held to introduce new players.

Roman city scape with small arena in the corner

Gangs of Rome at Salute 2018

Wargames Illustrated put on ‘Druid’, seeing Celtic warriors do battle in a semi-mystical setting.

Ancient landscape with a river and bridge, woods and a village protected by wooden palisades

Druid by Wargames Illustrated

Large wicker man in front of a wooden village

Druid by Wargames Illustrated

Celtic warriors advancing towards a wooden watchtower

Druid by Wargames Illustrated

View through trees onto a group of riders passing by a wooden palisade

Druid by Wargames Illustrated

Several demo tables for Saga were obligatory, here a dark age fight in full swing captured by undeadhighelf.

Groups of dark age warriors fighting through a hamlet

Saga at Salute 2018

4 thoughts on “Salute 2018 – Ancients & Dark Ages

    • I didn’t try it, but I bought the rule book the other day when placing an order at Footsore Miniatures, because I was curious too! Haven’t read it yet, just looked at the pretty pictures so far. Should I give it a go sometime, I’ll post it up.

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