Salute 2018 – Fantasy

There were no large scale fantasy themed displays at Salute 2018. Just a lull before the storm hopefully, with the return of Confrontation, Oathmark and Saga 2 Fantasy on the horizon.

Burrows & Badgers by Oathsworn seems to be steadily gaining in popularity, which is no surprise given the quality and character of their sculpts.

Anthropomorphic animals in medieval clothing with swords, slings and bows

Burrows & Badgers by Oathsworn

Rodents and other animals in human dress fighting in front of a medieval house

Burrows & Badgers by Oathsworn

A badger swinging a club at a rat

Burrows & Badgers by Oathsworn

Mierce Miniatures with their Darklands range are proving a temptation every year. I might have to start saving to get some minotaurs next year.

Three-dimensional dungeon set up with roaming monsters

Darklands by Mierce Miniatures

Dungeon room with a demonic statue surrounded by mounds of skulls and protected by a giant spider

Darklands by Mierce Miniatures

A giant beetle and two skeletons in a dungeon corridor with pillars and statues

Darklands by Mierce Miniatures

Front of a large classical temple with warbands fighting for access

Darklands by Mierce Miniatures

Groups of savage fighters attacking each other

Darklands by Mierce Miniatures

4Ground ran demos of Fabled Realms again, a system and world I’m looking forward to delving into when it comes to retail.

Top down view of a small temple set in grassland with a group of fighters passing by

Fabled Realms by 4Ground

A druidic stone circle with skirmishing warriors in the background

Fabled Realms by 4Ground

Yet another fantasy skirmish system I have been meaning to check out for years is ArcWorlde. While I might never play it, some of their monsters are just fantastic.

Stone fortifications and thatched houses covered in snow

ArcWorlde by Warploque Miniatures

Redoubt with painted murals overlooking a band of undead warriors

ArcWorlde by Warploque Miniatures

Skirmish Wargames put on a cheap and cheerful game set in the world of Conan, using only inexpensive plastic toy figures, nicely painted up.

Skeletons, a manticore and two barbarians approaching a demonic stone statue

By Crom! by Skirmish Wargames

Malifaux demo games were held on a variety of tables, using ready made scenery largely provided by Plast Craft.

Circus wagons surrounding an arena with houses in the background

Malifaux by Wyrd Games

2 thoughts on “Salute 2018 – Fantasy

  1. Thanks for these posts, I was gutted I wasn’t able to attend at the last minute. If you like your minotaur, there was a recent kickstarter from twisting catacombs that was minotaur based with a lot of cool sculpts. I’ll post them when I get them through in the next few months. The Mierce Minotaurs are also good. I have a few of those too

    • Glad you are enjoying the posts, hope it works out next year for you. I saw the Twisting Catacombs Kickstarter but had to pass due to project overload. I’ll be very tempted again when they hit retail. I will eventually get back to my Beastmen for Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and these two companies currently produce the best minotaurs around in my opinion.

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