Dwarf Spearhead Complete

These spearmen complete the third unit type for my Oathmark Dwarfs, so I now have a vanguard force ready and waiting for the game. Once again, the shield transfers from Little Big Men Studios together with Army Painter Quickshade allowed me to get them done to a tabletop standard quickly.

Three regiments of dwarfs in front of medieval timber frame buildings
A combined force defends a small settlement
Four dwarfs with colourful decorated shields and spears
Large round shields protect most of the body
Side view of four dwarfs with spears and shields
Spearmen rushing out to close a gap in the defences

Now I have 12 models left to build from the box set. I’ll leave these until the game rules are released with regards to unit sizes and formations, standards and leaders. Moving on to some goblins then!

Eye level view of a small regiment of dwarfs with spears and shields
Death awaits at the steel tip of a spear

11 thoughts on “Dwarf Spearhead Complete”

    1. Thanks, the shield transfers are a life saver, I’d probably just have gone for some very simple block colours without them. Looking forward to having a full army later this year, I assume the infantry regiments will have to at least double in size.


    1. Curious to see what all the races announced so far are going to get for additional sets. Would definitely like to see cavalry for goblins and elves.


  1. Great choice of colours and the shield transfers really make them pop. Do you happen to have a sprue or two left over? I don’t need a full box, so I am looking for people having some spare.


    1. Thanks, I thought I’d make the dwarfs quite colourful, while the goblins will be reds, browns and black.

      I have a full sprue of 5 I could part with, since I’ll need another full box anyway when I expand the army.

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