Dwarf Archers Marking the Target

Osprey Publishing has a fantasy mass combat game called Oathmark in the works, which will be supported by miniatures from North Star Figures. The first plastic regiments for Dwarfs and Goblins are already available, and I jumped in on both during pre-orders. Their classic style really appealed to me, reminding me of Middle Earth roleplaying days.

In order to stand any chance of ever completing armies for an entirely new setting (whether it ends up being based in the world of Oathmark or Lord of the Rings remains to be seen), I needed to come up with a fast way of painting. Having tried the Army Painter Quickshade method on my Conan collection to satisfactory results, I used the same approach for a unit of Dwarf archers. Using just three steps of applying base colours, quickshading and then adding small details like eyes and highlights on the skin, I finished these over two days.

Group of eight dwarfs in chainmail with long bows

Loosing a volley or arrows

There is no information available yet for Oathmark with regards to unit sizes, but infantry will utilise 25mm bases and rank up. Therefore I have split up the box set and metal figures I purchased into three units of eight – archers, spearmen and warriors with hand weapons and shields. I should be able to build on these later as needed.

With the second edition of Saga also on the horizon, and Dragon Rampant on my shelf, I can of course always use the figures in a looser formation too. Here seen skirmishing amidst some tree stumps by Urban Construct and a farmstead.

Four dwarfs with longbows amidst felled trees

Hunting amongst the remains of a forest

Four dwarfs with longbows in a ploughed field

Defending their settlement

10 thoughts on “Dwarf Archers Marking the Target

    • Thanks, I think I can live with this as a tabletop standard. Getting things done is the motto. I had my eye on all the Frostgrave plastic kits for a while, but couldn’t justify them for any projects. Then I caved for the Nickstarters on these.

    • Cheers, I do like this style of dwarfs. The ‘everything a dwarf makes has to be in metal’ got to such a stupid extreme in the end with GW, and unfortunately even in the LOTR range.

    • I don’t have any dwarfs from that range so unfortunately can’t do a side by side. They are about a head above the last Citadel metal dwarfs and set on 25mm bases, so my feeling is they are a bit bigger.

  1. Very cool. I have been looking for new fantasy rules (or thinking about revamping mine). My hook is the ability to use varying sized units, as having standard-sized war bands is not a concept I like.

    • I prefer building armies flexibly as well down to individual soldier level, so hopefully Oathmark will allow for that. Putting army lists together has always been part of the fun for me.

    • They are definitely taller, largely due to the fact that they have legs. They are also more slender, along the lines of LotR dwarfs. I don’t think they’d fit on 20mm bases and line up in regiments. I did a comparison shot with metal Warhammer sculpts in my latest post.

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