Spawn of Yhagni

I am no longer certain whether it was at last year’s Salute or longer ago, when I purchased these additions to my bestiary from Heresy Miniatures. Initially I wasn’t sure which collection they should belong to, but once I read about the maggot-like form of Yhagni, the imprisoned cousin of Cthulhu and Hastur, a possible interpretation took shape.

Four human sized maggots amongst a ruined building
The servants of Yhagni writhing in abandoned places

The Terror Grub is a demonic servant of the Great Old One, devouring humans and other sentient beings and excreting them in horrific new forms.

A giant white maggot with a fanged maw
With open maw the demon waits for a sacrificial offering
Tail end of a giant white maggot
From the Temple of Pillars it has burrowed its way

These Maggotmen are utterly insane yet still capable of communicating using common language and can thereby act as intermediaries with other cultists.

Maggot creature with a human face and arms holding pieces of flesh
Feasting on offal
Humanoid maggot with clawed hands
Hunting for victims
Giant white maggot with human face and arms dragging itself forward
Stalking its prey

9 thoughts on “Spawn of Yhagni”

  1. Oh wow, they are awesome mate… I’ve never seen those minis before – totally bonkers! The maggot bodies are beautifully painted, and great contrast with the purple areas – bravo!

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    1. Thanks, I knew I’d need them for something when I first saw them in the web store. I did some research on maggots (to be avoided before dinner) and opted for an off-white with clear segmentation markings. The heads would be in a dark colour, which I then also extended onto the underbelly for contrast.

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  2. Nicely done, and I think they are pretty nice-looking miniatures. I know what you mean about researching odd things for painting; not too long ago I found myself researching skin diseases, lol.

    They look like they might be a worthy place to pick up some zombies to add to my growing poxwalker horde, as well as maybe complete my quest to find some stand-in’s for Chaos Spawns and Beasts of Nurgle.


    1. Cheers! I remember the results of your research, it was well worth it.

      The zombies from Heresy are also great, I have the fantasy ones. They are slighter though than the old Citadel metal and plastic zombies I have, so probably won’t fit in with the pox walkers (I don’t have those, but assume they are quite chunky and now even larger according to GW trends?).

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    2. Thank you. :)

      They are a bit larger than a lot of their older stuff, but a lot of it is tentacle and such. A number of the poxwalkers also look like they were Catachans or equally burly people in life. Perhaps the slighter ones were once civilians?

      I was thinking of picking up his spider miniature and using it as a beast of Nurgle, since I already have the kit (not put together yet though I might do that in March for the “Complete a Legal Unit Challenge”) for the herald riding a giant snail, who buffs beast of Nurgle.


    3. The monstrous spider is very nice. I was tempted until I realised I already own several unpainted spiders for my Forest Goblins. Looking forward to more Nurgle goodness on your blog!

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    4. Yes, I quite fancy the spider. I’m going to poke around their site more before putting in an order, since if it is being shipped from the UK to the US, I think it would be best to do one large order.

      Seems like it has been Nurgle Time for awhile now in a lot of quarters. I still have much Nurgle in the queue and adding more so there’ll be no shortage of that from my quarter anytime soon.

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