Blood Axe Buddies

Still working on my Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader era Blood Axes warband, though Orktober wasn’t enough to finish the retinue of Nobz to accompany the Warboss. The latest addition are two more Bosses, with one carrying a trophy pole.

Green skinned Orks in ragged military gear and carrying a standard of Space Marine helmets
Space Marines make the best souvenirs
Back view of Ork standard bearer
Remnants of past battles
Space Ork Boss with an iron jaw and red beret
A steely jawed veteran of many campaigns







10 thoughts on “Blood Axe Buddies”

    1. Looking forward to those! I can’t quite decide what to concentrate on at the moment, now I have moved on to Catachans, and Deadcember is looming!


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