Blood Axe Boss Attending

It didn’t take me long to decide what to focus my efforts on during Orktober. Hobby time is limited at the moment, but I hope to be able to complete my Blood Axe Warboss’ retinue of 5 Nobz and attendants.

Space Ork with steel helmet and boltgun next to a Gretchin carrying a large boltgun on his back

First to join the household is this decidedly Blood Axe looking Boss, who actually predates the arrival of the Ork Clans. With a sword befitting an officer and some very fancy techno gubbinz on his back, he’s clearly of elevated rank. Alongside him cowers a lowly Gretchin weapons bearer who carries the Warboss’ favourite boltgun and ammo.

Space Ork with boltgun and sword in front of an adobe building
Back view of Space Ork with metal contraption and gas cylinder
Time fer a break
Gretchin carrying boltgun and magazines next to Space Ork Boss
Carryin’ tha burden of responsibility






11 thoughts on “Blood Axe Boss Attending”

    1. It’ll be the OSL from the clip on lamp I used to get a light source at eye level rather than just the ceiling lamp. I think of it as the faint glow of the planet’s second moon. There is a faint blue tint on the muzzle of the gun – which cannot be seen.


    1. Cheers, I really like it myself. Will have to come up with names and background for all the Nobz in the household when they are done, they have plenty of character which should be inspirational.

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