Rampant Night Goblins

Since Night Goblins became a distinct range around Warhammer 4th Edition they’ve been favourites of mine. My formative years were spent playing with Kev Adams sculpted goblinoids, and I’d always been tempted by his later Crooked Claw range of miniatures. When this was picked up and expanded by Knightmare Miniatures via the Greenskin Wars Kickstarter campaign I went all in, overcome by an unstoppable wave of Waaagh energy.

Now I already have several Orc & Goblin armies in the works that don’t really need further reinforcements, so I will use these new tribes for skirmish games with the Dragon Rampant ruleset by Osprey. Apparently Knightmare Miniatures are working on a supplement for the Goblin Wars specifically tailored for their range, but in the meantime I am putting together 18 points forces using the open army creation system that Dragon Rampant is designed for.

Circle of six goblins with black hoods in rocky terrain

Plotting the next raid

The first six of a unit of twelve light foot infantry are now finished. I am going for my usual dark blue hoods, but chose to stay away from any contrast colours. Instead, I’ll use browns and greys for other items of clothing and equipment, and dull steel and tarnished bronze for weapons and armour.

Three goblins with axe, sword and shield and skull drum respectively

Fighter, boss and musician

Three goblins with spiked maces

Morning stars are the popular choice

For anyone thinking about mixing these miniatures with their existing Night Goblins, here is a bit of a comparison of size and sculpting style. Overall the figures are taller and lankier than older Citadel sculpts and the latest plastics. However, there is also some variation within the range itself. The poses and size would probably make it a bit tricky to rank them up on 20mm bases, so another good argument for using them in a skirmish game setting.

Three goblins of varying sizes lined up

Citadel Night Goblin Bosses in metal (left) and plastic (right)

Once I have the other half of the unit finished, there’ll be some archers, trolls and a shaman to complete the Night Goblin tribe.

Two goblins attacking each other while others watch

Settling a dispute the goblin way



18 thoughts on “Rampant Night Goblins

    • Cheers, I want to give the tribes distinctive paint styles, including skin tones. For Night Goblins (or Doom Goblins in this range) who live in the dark, pale skin, dark clothes and lack of colours fit the theme best.

  1. Awww yeah love me some Night Gobbos! I inherited my brothers old school army so will be have a huge production run of the little blighters soon enough myself.

  2. Very cool little group here mate. I’ve never really given Gobos much thought or attention but I was just reading about Kevin The Goblin Master Adams, then saw your post so now my curiosity is ignited. We will see what happens down the line.

    • You’ll find lots of Kev Adams goodness in this range, a nice starting point once they are on the web store (hopefully soon). For any chaotic force, a bunch of goblin hangers on would be a nice way to dip your toes into green waters.

  3. Very nice. I love these models and so far I have the feral goblins. I am thinking to paint them for skirmish too, as I can’t see myself ever actually finishing a full goblin army.

    • Cheers! The feral goblins are very nice, looking forward to painting them too. They’d go well with some war beasts, hope that tribe will get reinforcements soon.

    • Cheers! I’ll go for more colourful options on some of the other tribes so they all have their unique look. Really enjoying the painting, they are all characters in their own right. I don’t think getting your teeth adjusted is a problem in goblin society!

  4. Hmmm… Hadn’t really given the Doom Goblins much attention until now (far too excited about the Ferals!) but you’ve got those looking really good. Consider my attention grabbed!
    I agree though, they’re much more attuned to a skirmish set-up, every one of them is so individual that they just don’t jell with the massed ranks of GW’s plastics.

    • Glad to have converted you to the ways of the Doom Goblins. They could do with another set of spear armed fighters. For the Feral Goblins a second unit would also be nice – just as soon as I finished painting the first that is!

  5. Everyone loves Night Goblins, surely?
    These are great, I have Night Goblin plans for DR and AoSS too… eventually.

    Bespoke Dragon Rampant rules for model ranges miss the point I think. The selling point and entire ethos for the system is the opposite of that.

    Regardless of how you use them, vast quantities of nicely painted, robed goblins will always make me smile :)

    • You’ve got a point re. specific rules in a purposefully generic game system, but I feel that it can do with some more variety in the Fantastical Rules area. I need some more 1 point upgrades, how else am I ever going to get all my forces to an even 18 points?!

      I should have a few more of the little guys finished this weekend, and then I’ll have a go at a troll. Not sure about the paint scheme yet, but I don’t want them to be green.

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