Curse of the Mummy Collector

Ever since I painted the first two mummies for my Warhammer 3rd Edition Undead army I haven’t been able to rest easy. Knowing there were two more ancient sculpts out there to complete the set, I undertook several gruelling expeditions until they were finally discovered and bound to my necromantic forces.

Two ancient mummies

They are coming to get you

Side view of two walking mummies

The shambling dead

Now four strong, these powerful undead can bring doom to entire regiments of enemies. If they weren’t so slow.

Four mummies advancing side by side

The resurrected

16 thoughts on “Curse of the Mummy Collector

    • Cheers, if there was more skin showing I’d probably have used more of a dark leathery brown, but on balance across the group I like the contrast.

    • Thanks, my pleasure. Having a semi-regular release schedule motivates me to finish usable chunks for my many armies.

    • As a unit, probably too many points to invest outside of a seriously big game. From an army collecting point of view, I think they are really cool though!

    • Thanks! 7 pounds for the last one I was after, the others were less (the HQ figure was a pound if I remember correctly).

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