Calling Blood Axe Tech Support

The first Oddboy to join my Warhammer 40k Rogue trader style Blood Axe warband is a Mek with accompanying Gretchin attendant. I’ve had this Mekboy figure for a long time, and previously included him as part of a modern style Burna Boyz unit, which was never completed. Now that he has set up shop for himself, I completed his paint job and gave him a little helper too.

Space Ork with flamethrower and welding mask accompanied by Gretchin with large spanner
The Mekboy is cranking up his latest creation

I think these guys make a great duo, and I am planning to have more Gretchin attendants throughout the tribe. The backdrop for the photos is a 4Ground adobe building, which is a great fit for the Ork architecture we used to see in 90s White Dwarfs and Codex books.

Front view of Space Ork with cracked welding mask holding flamer nozzle
Health & Safety first
Diminutive green goblinoid creature holding a large rusty spanner
Proudly carrying the tool of the trade
Back view of Space Ork displaying a backplate with crossed golden spanners and Gretchin from the roof of an adobe building
His backplate links the Mekboy to the Warboss’ household

12 thoughts on “Calling Blood Axe Tech Support”

  1. Both of those are great models, bt the sculpts and the painting.

    I tend to run a mile from metal models of the era that require plastic arms, but I make an exception in that guys case, just because the welding look is so good.

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    1. Thanks, they were fun to do, and I hope it shows.

      Those arms and hands aren’t great to work with. At the moment I have mostly single piece sculpts lined up for the Nobz and Boyz, but I also want to add more Oddboyz eventually and Freebooters, and those are mostly un-armed.

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  2. Great work on this pair. Like Cheetor, I tend to have a grudge of sorts against the “armless” Late-RT/2nd Ed Orks with their undefined arms and t-shirts, but the odd model can still look great despite all that – what you’ve done with this guy ranks amongst them. The grot has a shifty look in his eye as though he might be behind the later unfortunate explosion and self-immolation of his Mek…. Well done.


    1. Thanks! It is mostly the positioning of the arms that doesn’t really work with the sculpts. In this case I used it to indicate that he is reaching back to adjust something on the fuel tank, which I think worked ok. The grot/snot is definitely a favourite. It’s great when models immediately conjure up all sorts of stories in one’s head due to their character.


    1. Nice work on that Weirdboy – I had some Bad Moons myself back in the day, unfortunately not anymore. Slowly working away on Blood Axes now, but hoping to add other clans in future again.


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