Gretchin Boarding Party

I’ve reached my target of 20 Gretchin for an old school Space Ork force. These can well be used as part of a clan list or as Gretchin Bandits. Since I also recently bought Rogue Stars, I could pick a pirate gang from them.

Group of twenty goblinoids with primitive firearms
Gretchin swarming through a derelict space craft

The final additions are one proper old lead figure and one 2nd edition plastic Gretchin. I had the box set and used these guys regularly since I didn’t own any metal sculpts in the day, but this is probably the first one I actually completely painted.

Two space goblins with guns
Flamboyant freebooters
Eye level view of a group of Gretchin
These diminutive pirates are the curse of merchant shipping across the sector

Next I’ll be painting a squad of da boyz and a retinue for the Warboss.

18 thoughts on “Gretchin Boarding Party”

  1. Lovely stuff, seeing these makes me want to play 40K 1st ed Rogue Trader (which I no longer own). I’ve also picked up Rogue Stars recently but have been put off by the amount of counters needed in combat. I need to get over that and look at it properly because all other aspects of it look great. Anyway, these Gretchin are splendid!

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    1. It’s possible to find PDF versions of the Rogue Trader era books floating about, and the rule book is also not that expensive second hand, especially the soft cover edition (and depending on condition). In terms of game system, there are probably better options these days though. For Rogue Stars, I was considering having a stat card for each character, and then the status counters can be placed on those rather than the board. Note sure when/if I get around to playing it in earnest, but I fancy putting some teams together.

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  2. This is turning into a really cool and charismatic collection of miniatures. Its always nice to see the older miniatures getting some love. Its so easy to forget, with all these fantastical new miniatures coming out all the time, how good these old school minis really are.

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    1. Cheers, I did enjoy getting those I painted back in the 90s out of the hold and adding some new faces. Some of them can be considered to be real character models, despite just being a 4pt rank and file in game terms.

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  3. They are very neat and have quite a lot of character. When I see these guys, I almost of them as mini-flashgitz.


    1. The first 13 I had were more basic in their equipment, but the latest additions are definitely giving them that vibe. If I get more, I will probably split them up into Ork hangers on in one unit and freewheeling bandits in the other.

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    1. Thanks, I originally painted them in the late 90s to go with the then Space Ork codex as there weren’t any new Gretchin around. Now I am going full on revival and will paint old school Orks to match that I mostly lost since I had my very first army.


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