Unspeakable Rituals

After centuries of perfidious planning, the Cult of the Kraken Lord has finally gathered to conduct a ceremony that will spell the doom of humankind.

Group of ten humanoid creatures in red robes and with green tentacles for faces
The cult is gathered

Wielding the Staff of Many Eyes and reciting from the Cursed Tome of Conjuration, the cultists seek to raise their master from the depth of the sea to enslave our world.

Two robed figures with a staff and grimoire
Priests are invoking a sinister spell

Flanked by monstrous guardians, the High Priest observes his diabolical plans being enacted.

Figure on a throne in the shape of a kraken, flanked by two large robed guards
The ancient throne was carved by alien hands

This Kickstarter funded new range from Midlam Miniatures was entertaining to paint and will hopefully make for a colourful and challenging threat in a Cthulhu themed adventure at some point.

Since I have backed quite a few campaigns last year that have now mostly been delivered, I am trying to be disciplined with getting them finished also. Next up in the Kickstarter painting queue are some post-apocalyptic types, while for my Lovecraftian horror it is probably time to find a few fearless investigators who might save us from the predations of ancient gods.

13 thoughts on “Unspeakable Rituals”

  1. The tentacle texture looks great! I had a closer look, they didn’t look too complicated to paint. (I still have to overcome my fear of painting free-hand.) What is your estimated average painting time per (regular) cultist model?
    I think a gloss varnish finish on the tentacles could add even more life – have you tried it?


    1. I finished these ten over the course of five weeks. So maybe two hours or three per cultist? I can never really say, as I usually start out by batch processing, and then finish them in smaller groups.

      Good thought on the wet look for the tentacles. I actually gloss undercoat all my figures now to make them more durable and then spray a matte coat on top. I will try the shiny look for the next tentacled monster and then go back over these guys if it works out!


    1. Thanks, their official paint job was very much the inspiration. I did some research on octopus colour schemes (some weird ones out there), but in the end opted for classic green and to keep it muted.

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    1. Thank you! The sculpts immediately appealed to me, it’s a fun concept and I knew I should be able to paint them quickly and effectively. I’m sure I will add some more Midlam Miniatures to my collection in future.


    1. Thanks, I used Elysian Green and my all time favourite Rotting Flesh on the tentacles. With the robes having turned out quite strong, the green needed to be more pale.


  2. I already mentioned in an earlier comment that I really enjoy the coloration of the tentacles, just looks awesome! The throne is also a stunner! Excellent marble effect and a very fine sculpt. Would possibly work well with a GoT Greyjoy themed diorama, too.


    1. Thanks! The throne is a fun sculpt, eminently suited for dioramas. I thought it should be in a contrast colour to the High Priest but emphasise him, rather than outshine. I started painting all the edges and high points in jade green, and ended up out of space for any actual marbling effect. Still, it does provide the overall impression of such a material I think.


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