Cultists of the Kraken Lord

I took part in Midlam Miniatures’ Kickstarter for the Cultists of the Kraken Lord since they were the perfect fit for my casual collection of Lovecraftian grotesques. Are they humans wearing masks, mutants, crossbreeds, an ancient race from the deep or travellers from a plane beyond consciousness? Nobody knows for sure, and if they did, such forbidden knowledge would probably have come at the cost of their sanity.

Three humanoid figures in red robes with tentacles in place of faces
The ritual begins

I completed the first half of the cult, going for a classic combination of dark red robes with contrasting green tentacles. The figures are fun to paint, and quick to achieve effective results with.

Two figures with tentacles for faces and wearing red robes in front of a stone wall
The cultists don’t look kindly on intruders

12 thoughts on “Cultists of the Kraken Lord”

  1. They are really cool mate – such a classic look, and I love the green spotted face tentacles! I must admit, I did have to do a double-take on the cultist with the outstretched arms… I thought he was holding a microphone at first! (HELLO LONDON!!!!) ;-)


  2. Very nice! I love the brown spotted tentacles. Did you use brown, brown/red, brown/purple or even brown/green for the spots? I think this really inspired me for my Reaper Bathalian miniature.

    If you make a rockband I will be the first groupie.


    1. Thank you! For the tentacles, I was following the paint job on their Kickstarter page, but using green as a base rather than grey/purple. My patches were done with a dab of Reikland Earthshade first, followed by a smaller spot of Agrax Earthshade and then Abbadon Black in the centre, and individually sprinkled about also.

      Now that you have pointed me towards the Bathalians, I could see the cult growing into a larger faction at some point in the future. Maybe you could be the tour manager?


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