Troops of Tomorrow

I’ve been expanding the Gretchin mob for my Blood Axes with two ‘proper’ Rogue Trader miniatures and one 2nd edition sculpt. That brings me up to 18, looking to pick up two more for an even 100 points under the ‘Ere We Go army list. Not that it matters gaming wise, I am using army lists more as collecting/painting goals these days.

The two older figures are amongst my favourites so far. They are perfect as freebooterz, so I’ll always have the option of fielding the mob in different contexts.

Goblin with sword, shotgun and pink mohawk haircut

His playlist exclusively consists of Disorder by The Exploited

Goblin with sword, shotgun and steel helmet

Geared up for a fight

Goblin with automatic rifle and spiked helmet

New kid with fancy shooter

From the back the differences in sculpting are most noticeable. To fit in with the plastic mono-pause Gretchin from the 2nd edition box set, the design of the whole range was streamlined and simplified. Only with the arrival of Gorkamorka Gretchin design experienced a bit of a renaissance and some individual character was reintroduced.

Back view of three Gretchin behind a crumbled wall

Lurking to take pot shots at the enemy

14 thoughts on “Troops of Tomorrow

  1. Nicely done mate, love the two older chaps – I had me a mob of ten of those dudes back in the day. Sadly, they are all lost now, but seeing those old sculpts still makes me smile :-)

    • Thanks! I only got my first of these figures in the late 90s, prior to that my Gretchin were plastics from 2nd edition and Space Crusade. Enough for any battle, and given the choice of purchasing a blister of metal Orks or Gretchin, the big guys always won out, just like in real life!

    • Thank you, the sculpting on them is very neat, so the details were easy to pick out – including the badly stitched scars on the little punk.

    • Cheers, they are fun to paint. Luckily I already had a dozen finished, so I can enjoy painting the remaining ones as individual characters without stressing about never being able to complete a unit!

    • Thank you, my approach is base colour, wash and one or two highlights. For the skin, that is always Rotting Flesh, though I vary the base greens and shades from time to time.

    • Cheers! As Azazel is pointing out, individually the sculpts are nice, but there isn’t much variety between them. With regards to the clothing and equipment, I was tempted to use some pattern on the shirt for detailing, but in the end decided to put some paint on the next figure in line instead.

  2. Great work on these old-school Gretchin. I also much prefer the RT-era models over the plastic one, but taken singly as opposed to a cloned set of 20, the 2nd edition model still looks quite good, especially the way you’ve painted him up.

    • Thanks, he fits into the mob overall, and I wouldn’t be averse to adding one of the ‘close combat’ sculpts with pistol and knife at some point. For my WFB Orcs & Goblins I had plenty of figures that bear a close family resemblance to this fellow.

    • Thank you! It’s those sub-culture influences and dark satire that I always enjoyed about the original Warhammer universe.

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