Prowling Pack of Ghouls

The other day I completed the remaining figures from Heresy Miniatures’ Ghoul Tribe, sculpted by Paul Muller. I’d originally bought them just because they are such characterful sculpts, then started painting them as part of a long term project to collect a range of creatures fitting into Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.

I’ve also since read Brian McNaughton’s The Throne of Bones, following a recommendation by Somet. He wasn’t kidding when he said it makes for ‘often uncomfortable’ reading, but it indeed provides many intriguing layers to the background of ghouls that most fantasy settings would rarely venture into.

Two snarling ghouls, holding a heart and a severed head and sickle respectively

Ghouls with packed lunch

Two ghouls, holding a severed leg and cutting open a cadaver respectively

Ghouls preparing dinner

One ghoul with a meat cleaver, a second ghoul on all fours, ready to jump

Ghouls feeling peckish

A pack of seven ghouls in a ruined city scape

Ghouls out hunting in the derelict part of town

15 thoughts on “Prowling Pack of Ghouls

    • Thanks! It’s interesting to see how these are similar in style to his WFB ghouls, but without the constraints of having to fit into a ranked up unit.

    • Cheers, it definitely turned them into much more three dimensional characters for me, which these characterful sculpts are a great reflection of.

    • I still haven’t started on Conan – think that’ll be my bedtime reading from now on so I am versed in the lore in time for the game.

    • Thank you! The edges are Gorthor Brown (Citadel), and the grass is a mixture of Scorched Grass (Citadel), dry grass (Army Painter I think) and some mostly green fine flock (some model railway brand I believe) with a smattering of red bits (of unknown origin).

    • I rarely game, just collect and paint, so I haven’t thought much about a suitable rule set. These I originally bought to add to my WFB Ghoul King army (which is more of a vision than a reality), but then found they don’t really fit into that setting of massed battles. At the moment I see this ghoul tribe as opponents for a group of 1920’s era paranormal investigators.

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