Depraved Dozen

It took a good while, but finally my dozen Chaos Warriors/Marauders of Slaanesh for Warhammer 3rd Edition are complete.

The last three are a mix of Citadel and Marauder Miniatures. With the Marauder warrior being slightly larger and such a show-off, I’ll probably remove the shield which is just getting in everyone’s way.

Three warriors in pastel shade heavy plate armour

Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh rampaging through a hamlet

Back view of Chaos Warriors showing a shield

The warriors issue a challenge to the inhabitants

Regiment of twelve Chaos Warriors in bright pastel shaded armour

The servants of Slaanesh gather to continue their orgy of destruction elsewhere

17 thoughts on “Depraved Dozen

  1. Ha, neat! The pink armor is especially nicely done, I think. I wouldn’t get rid of the shield, it adds something to the pose; I’d just stick him on the left edge of your block where he can wave his shield about and not get in anyone’s way/hit anyone in the head.

    I also like the echoes of Roman gladiatorial armor I see in the sculpts, especially the helmets.

    • Thanks! I agree, the pink works best and I got the best results with it. I didn’t want it to dominate the entire regiment though. I’ll leave any decision on the shield for later – sometimes better to come back to a project later before making rush moves.

      I like the variety in the old sculpts, and I think you are right – there are quite a few gladiatorial influences.

    • Cheers, that is an interesting idea. For now they are all stored away in their bag of holding, I’ll revisit when I am finishing the horsemen.

  2. Great variety of colors in the unit. Gives it a good chaotic feel but maintains the theme. Love the 3rd ed Slaves to Darkness minies.

    • Thanks, I am happy with the final result. Wasn’t sure how they’d come together as my regiments usually are more uniformed, but the theme of ‘heavily armoured psycho in pastel’ is proving strong enough.

  3. Oh this always bring me back to the 80’s, back when things were simpler!
    I love your almost faithful recreation of the old GW style paint jobs of the old ‘eavy Metal paint team! There beautiful makes me wish I had keeper more of the old hammer Chaos models!

    • Thanks, the Chaos armies of old were fun with their crazy paint schemes and left a lasting impression on everyone who ‘grew up’ with them it seems. Very satisfying to finally have a completed regiment of my own.

  4. I don’t know how I missed this post! An awesome unit of old-school stuff. Very effective paintwork that harkens back to the RoC books. I’ll even forgive the Tzeentch guy being painted in Slaanesh colours (we know he’s just being tricksy!)
    Seriously though – these guys all look great – both as individuals as well as a cohesive unit that looks like they belong together. Kudos, mate!

    • Thanks you! As individuals I could have done more on some of them, but the sculpts didn’t inspire me in equal measure. As a regiment, they look how I had hoped. Once I have cavalry, beastmen and thugs, it should be a fun bunch.

      The guy you are referring to is a follower of Tzlaanesh by his account. His mates think it’s just a speech impediment due to his split snake tongue mutation and haven’t become suspicious yet of his pantheon-bending ways.

  5. Cavalry, beastmen and thugs – sounds like a proper old-school RoC force. Now that’s something I’m really looking forward to seeing!

    • You and me both! I have two units based and undercoated, but there is a lot of competition on my painting desk at the moment, and I am not spending a lot of time at it.

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