Chaos is Coming to Town

Slowly and insidiously the followers of the Dark Prince are worming their way onto my miniatures shelves. Over the course of the last couple of months I have finished three more Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh for my Oldhammer collection.

Three old school Chaos Warriors in pastel armour on a town square in front of a wooden cart

The followers of Slaanesh sacking another helpless village

For the shields I went with geometrical symbols and a bit of lettering to mix things up. I might do more of that on the remaining models, but as it can be a pain indeed, I might also fall back onto something simpler.

Chaos Warrior in yellow armour holding a turquoise shield with the word Pain painted on

This servant of Chaos revels in bringing the pain

Chaos Warrior in white and pink armour with a green shield and the white symbol of Slaanesh

The sign of Slaanesh is the sick symbol of depravity

Chaos Warrior holding shield aloft displaying purple ornaments on a black background

Dark runes proclaim this warrior’s allegiance

I’ve also been putting together more Mordanburg houses from 4Ground and finally managed to paint a cart and barrels that I built as scatter terrain a long while back. The cart is an early 4Ground model, while the barrels are from Renedra.

Chaos Warriors facing each other with raised swords outside a hovel

Before long, the slaves to darkness turn on each other


11 thoughts on “Chaos is Coming to Town

    • Thanks! Finishing the figures was quite straight forward, but then I couldn’t decide what to do with the shields. I have two more to paint for this unit, maybe I’ll pick the shield designs first this time.

    • Thank you! It’s always more a chore than a pleasure for me to paint shields freehand – the main reason why it took me months to finish this lot.

    • But the results are worth it. I too have had long projects that you feel glad to be finished with- but making the extra effort endures and sets you up for even better efforts. Well done!

    • Thanks! It’s a very simple sculpt, so I thought I needed to do some sort of pattern on it. I didn’t do many coats on these, but especially for the pinks I am thinning the paint quite a bit to get a smooth application.

    • Yes, he has half a Tzeentch symbol sticking out from under his mane on the shoulder, but everyone is getting roped into my Slaanesh forces right now. Is he a turncoat or playing tricks on the Prince of Chaos? One never knows with these lost souls.

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