The Long Riders

It’s been three years since I converted and painted the first Orcs Snorta for my Oldhammer Orcs & Goblins. Now that Orctober has come around once again, it was high time to turn this lone rider into a unit.

Five orcs in red scale armour riding on wild boars

The steppe trembles under the hooves of the war boars

The war boars are all Citadel and designed by Goblinmaster Kev Adams. As the hero of the mob I chose a rider by Kev with a suitably impressive helmet.

An orc with a warhammer sitting astride a boar with a skull mask

The leader’s snarl rivals that of his beast

The champion and troopers are from th MB2 Marauder range on Citadel boars. It was an easy conversion job, snipping off the legs under the scale mail and reattaching them against the flanks of the mounts.

An orc wielding two axes riding a war boar

Swinging two axes, the champion urges his mount forward

Two orcs riding boars with axes and shields

The Snortas are the elite warriors of the clan

I have five more riders sitting ready for painting as a second rank to complete the elite contingent of the army. After that, more of the boyz and scores of gobbos!

Five or boar riders and a regiment of orcs on foot in the background

First into the fight

9 thoughts on “The Long Riders

  1. Great work on these guys. I was thinking to myself that I didn’t know Marauder made Boar Boyz – your mods are seamless, and an excellent choice to lead them!

    • Cheers, it turned out to be a pretty simple conversion for most of them, though not all infantry models turned out to be suitable riders. On some I also cut the waist where the belt is and repositioned the upper body. Some bending of arms as well to create a bit of variety of poses.

  2. Great work! I lead creative efforts at Oxford Road – an ad agency, and our team has 5 members and we’re called the ORCS(we even have a Lurtz head, professional mounted, and hanging on our wall). Sadly, one team member is leaving, since we could not secure a visa for her to stay… and I’ve been looking for a parting gift to tie us all together, represent our team, and represent her in a special way. It turns out, her favorite animal is a pig – in particular a black colored pig from Italy. Your five boar riding Orcs here are the perfect representation of our team working together as we wage the creative war on behalf of our clients AND they’re on black pigs… are you kidding me? This is TOO perfect! Please let me know if there is any possibility, even a million to 1, that I could buy this five figurines from you. They would be a deeply meaningful and suitable remembrance for our team as we sadly have to send one of our own away.

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