Lair of the Necromancer

I completed the small coven of necromancer and zombies from the Fantasy and History Kickstarter for Frostgrave (or whichever other fantasy skirmish game the future holds for me). Thanks to Bad Squiddo Games for promoting this campaign which otherwise would have passed by me.

Back view of the necromancer and a zombie with sword
The puppet master pulls his strings

My favourite figure of the lot is this half skeletal zombie with a raven on his shoulder. It reminds me of a classic from Citadel that I painted for my Oldhammer Undead. The sculpting quality on this model is very high – I really like the position of the fingers on the left hand and the leaning posture with the large sword dragging behind, as if the wielder still vaguely remembers its use.

Zombie with sword and a raven on his shoulder
A raven’s feast

On the necromancer there were some elements I couldn’t clearly identify, like the top of the staff. Overall he is pleasantly creepy looking though. I believe he is not meant to be a common human, as his hands are three long laws.

Necromancer with clawlike hands holding a staff with a decapitated head
The dark sorcerer in his hideout

With this villain and his henchmen finished I’ll probably look into getting a band of adventurers together next to fight through the ruins of a soon to be expanded town.

A necromancer flanked by three zombies
Bringing death to the streets

12 thoughts on “Lair of the Necromancer”

  1. Love the first one, the skeletal zombie with a raven on his shoulder. It kinda has a “heavy metal album’s cover art” vibe. Love it very much! Great painjob on all of them, by the way.

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  2. Very cool – I’ve been bitten by the undead bug for Frostgrave too & really wish I’d seen this Kickstarter! The Necromancer is a nice sculpt, but crow-zombie is brilliant – all very nicely painted of course :-)

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    1. I saw you have no shortage of Undead for Frostgrave already! A quirky lot, my favourite is the lizardman, the open wounds look really gruesome.


    1. Thank you! I’m using that basing style for most projects now, I think it is quite flexible for most of the surfaces I am likely to play on. Painted and drybrushed sand, a mix of autumn and dry static grass and a bit of coarse flock in various colours.

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  3. I really love how you used the shadow the miniature casts so effectively. Really adds to the mood of your scenic photos and brings home the dread. I shall keep this in mind for my own photos.


    1. Thank you, I was quite taken with the result as well, especially against the cracked plaster walls. I didn’t set out with it in mind, but after a few test shots with artificial light on a late evening I decided to use it for full dramatic effect.


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