Ghoulish Appetites

A while back I bought the Ghoul tribe from Heresy Miniatures, originally intended for a Ghoul Kings army in Warhammer Fantasy Battles. The figures were sculpted by Paul Muller, who also created the last edition of metal Ghouls released by Citadel which I am using for my Vampire Counts.

I am just studying S. Petersen’s Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors from Chaosium however and been inspired to paint some of them up for my loose collection of creatures from the Cthulhu Mythos – an idea that has probably been festering in my mind since reading Shamutantis’ post on the set.

Three twisted humanoid creatures in front of a derelict cemetery

The graveyard is home to a family of Ghouls

These three make a great family group that will lend itself to story driven games. In their background it is unclear whether Ghouls are a separate species or degenerate from humans.

As I’ll be using them in a different context, I chose a separate colour scheme from my Warhammer Ghouls – necrotic pink over anaemic white.

Back view of male, female and child Ghoul

Searching for human flesh

The characterisation on these miniatures is brilliant, and utterly horrifying. I’ve painted the baby which the hag has snatched in a contrasting warm brown to show that it has just been stolen from an unfortunate family.

Female Ghoul holding a human baby

Newest member of the tribe – or supper?

Ghoul child holding a head with an eye hanging out of its socket

Eyes are ghoulish candy

Large male Ghoul swinging a shovel

The head of the household is bringing food on the table

15 thoughts on “Ghoulish Appetites

  1. Beautifully done ghouls there, you’ve picked some marvelous sculpts and brought them to life. If you’ve never read Brian McNaughton’s ‘The Throne of Bones’ collection of short stories I wholeheartedly recommend it as a fantastic (and often uncomfortable!) read that puts ghouls as central characters in much more complexity than Lovecraft ever did in some great fantasy stories.

    • Cheers, and thank you for the recommended reading. I’ve downloaded it and will have a read tonight – possibly under the duvet with a torch.

  2. This is pretty weird… I’ve just started following your blog, and I’m just painting up the very same ghoul family myself! Can’t argue with that as a sign from the gods!

    Awesome work on these degenerates, truly quite unsettling (she’s about to eat a baby!!). I’d also second the recommendation for Throne of Bones, truly dark and disturbing (but wonderful) stuff.

    • Sounds like Mordiggian has been haunting both our dreams!

      Thanks for the compliment, looking forward to your work! Very nice collection of classic models on your blog.

      I’ve made a start on “Ringard and Dendra” last night, liking the atmosphere.

    • Cheers, I’m happy with how they turned out and they were fun to paint, very good sculpting and casting. I think I’ll add a few more to the extended family and then use the rest for Warhammer.

      Heresy Miniatures have an eclectic mix of models, a number of gems in there. I picked up the maggot men and the demonic toad at Salute this year.

    • Thanks! It’s great to have independent manufacturers like Heresy or CP Models out there who go down some unbeaten paths.

  3. Lovely work on these. Your post reminded me that I have Heresy’s models and need to paint them up at some stage as well. I hope I can do them justice as well as you have. The differing skin tone on the baby really makes that “mother” model!

    • Thank you! Too many projects, too little time, same for all of us I guess. I’ve got a Dark Young somewhere that I intend to paint next for this project.

  4. Those look terrific (and terrifying). The one with the baby in hand is quite disturbing, but so is the one with the skull. True eye candy (bad pun is bad and I think you already made it :P). The skin tones are very good. They look still alive, yet degenerated. I presume in your setting Ghouls are humans that have been altered by their consumption of flesh?

    • Thank you! I would imagine that it is both possible for a regular human to turn into a Ghoul, but also for Ghouls to breed, including with humans. The murkier their backstory, the better, following the Lovecraftian ethos.

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