Slaves of the Hive

I’ve completed another little side project in the shape of three Zoats. I vaguely envisage them being used in Rogue Trader style skirmishes against my Catachans and for Advanced Space Crusade, but more than anything I just felt like painting them.

Being a genetically modified slave race of the Tyranids with rebellious tendencies, they provide a lot of opportunity for storytelling in games of Warhammer 40k.

Three purplish centaur creatures with organic looking guns moving between brightly coloured jungle plants

A stampede of Zoats breaks through the jungle undergrowth

I only bought the models recently and was suitably endeared by what chunky lumps of lead they are. I decided to paint them in tones that make them compatible with my Genestealers, including purples, browns and black for the hooves and claws.

Side view of a four-legged rhinoceros-like hybrid creature with a humanoid upper torso and reptilian head

The Zoat is using Tyranid bio-technology to enhance its natural abilities

8 thoughts on “Slaves of the Hive

  1. I do love me some Zoats. Maybe I just missed whatever they were inspired by, but in these days of GW trying to make everything they do copyright-able it struck me as odd that these fairly individual chaps didn’t come back to the fore of the game.

    • All the armies were getting boiled down to a single main design thread I think and for Tyranids they went with a more insectoid style overall. Also the idea of semi-independent mind-slave races was pretty much dropped but maybe we’ll see this return in the wake of the Genestealer cult revival?

    • Cheers! The original green didn’t really appeal to me for Zoats in space, and in any case I have plenty of green skins already. For fantasy Zoats I’d consider it – if I ever get any.

    • Thanks, glad you like them. Those strange breathing apparatus give them a somewhat creepy feel. I think it was in the background for Advanced Space Crusade that they were described as a sort of ambassador race for the Tyranids – all just as a distraction of course until the harvest could begin.

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