Second Helping

After I enjoyed painting four Ratling snipers for Warhammer 40k the other week I couldn’t really rest until I had requisitioned the remaining two figures from the series as well.

Group of three Halfling models wearing green uniform jackets and holding rifles

Fireteam Apple

The six troopers perfectly split into two small fireteams of three, each with a leader wearing a communications headset.

Side view of a figure with three sergeant stripes on his sleeve and a reversed baseball cap with a headset

Sergeant Buttersworth

A sniper kneeling and taking aim through his rifle scope

Private Merrygold

The recently promoted Corporal Brewmeister now leads the second fireteam into action.

Another group of three Halfling models with rifles wearing green uniform jackets

Fireteam Butty

11 thoughts on “Second Helping

  1. Very nice work on these guys. Makes me want to dig out my own Ratlings and see what they need to take the table in 2016 (besides a functional game!)

    • Thanks! Would love to see your Ratling contingent – you seem to have quite a lot of army reserves. No idea when mine will take to the field or using which rule set, but at the moment I am quite content with army building.

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