Master of Time

Next to join the ranks of my Necrons for Warhammer 40k is a Cryptek, accompanied by a swarm of Canoptek Scarabs. Carrying a chronometron, he can slow the flow of time, allowing his unit to evade incoming fire. Anything that makes Necrons harder to put down and more likely to get back up is a must have in my view.

Steel coloured humanoid robot holding an orb with a red iris in the right and a staff in the left hand

Keeper of ancient technological marvels

Again I stuck with a mostly metal body and painted the back armour in black. Nothing too ostentatious on my tomb world.

Back view of the Necron Cryptic with a carapace style black cloak and metal spine

Black plate armour protects the Cryptek’s metal spine

For the Scarab swarms I am using the old metal variety which I always liked. With their little skull faces and mandibles they look more aggressive than the newer models.

Three beetle shaped metallic drones with blue wings

Scarabs swarm ahead of the army to attack enemy armour

6 thoughts on “Master of Time

    • I like that the working parts are visible on the old scarabs, the new ones are a bit slick. If I want to build another swarm in future, I might create that out of the new models though, since the old ones aren’t cheap to get hold of now.

    • Cheers! Crazy robot scientists should indeed provide inspiration for some nice background pieces and scenario ideas in this army’s future. The two available special characters are interesting sculpts too, so I will probably add them to my collection at some point for variety.

  1. Nice stuff. The mixture of both old and new with these Necrons works better than I’d expected, given how much of a stylistic shift they had when they dropped the metal line and went to plastic. Any chance of an army-in-progress shot soon?

    • Cheers! I wasn’t sure how this would turn out, especially with the bare metal vs. painted, but on the table the difference is hardly noticeable. Regarding the different styles of sculpting, I feel as long as I keep every troop type from a certain era things will look consistent n themselves. I’ve done some shuffling in my army list and am now missing a vehicle to complete the 1k points – so ‘soon’ sounds like a reasonable timeframe for that army shot :)

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