Lord of Light

The second Necron Lord is finished, leading a unit of Warriors into battle. This time the character model is a resin cast while the rank and file are once again metal.

Metal skeletal robot warrior holding a green orb in his left and a staff with a green rod in his right, surrounded by robots with rifles

The Resurrection Orb raises fallen Necrons to fight for eternity

The Warriors’ guns are from the time before the green plastic gauss rods and were painted with a sort of crackling green energy effect. That was the intention anyway. The bodies are kept in the original white metal with black wash.

Three silver coloured metal robots in the shape of skeletons armed with black rifles crackling with white green energy

Warriors of the Necrons absolutely will not stop, ever, until their enemies are dead

For the Lord’s Staff of Light I used the clear green plastic tube, for now at least. I might paint it over at a later stage, depending on what other models and weapons I’ll add to the army that are equipped with such parts.

Side view of a group of robot warriors advancing to the right in front of reddish brown rock formations

They have risen to reclaim what is theirs

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