Heavy Metal

I started my Necron force with its first releases in white metal and back then decided on an unusual painting technique to mix things up (and which promised to be quick to achieve). Rather than paint the figures, I gave them a black wash and then scrubbed them after this was dry, leaving their bodies in their original metal state, which seemed quite fitting.

By the time the army had grown into a fully fledged faction for Warhammer 40k, plastic had taken over, so for the majority of newer sculpts my initial technique had to be replaced with a bright steel base colour and a black wash on top.

A small group of robotic troops with steel colour bodies

A Necron Lord with his bodyguard of Immortals

As the first of the plastic models I actually just finished (befitting their lore, they’d taken a long slumber in their dark tombs), this Necron Lord was painted in Runefang Steel and given a wash with Nuln Oil. Despite his style of armour being quite different from the old Immortals, I think they still make a decent fit. After all, the ruling elite had much more sophisticated materials and techniques applied to guarantee their immortality, while their soldiers were merely there to function according to their grand designs.

Close up of a robotic warrior with a skull face holding a green orb in his left hand

The Resurrection Orb swirls with alien energy

Side view of a robotic warrior with a black cape holding a long metal staff in his outstretched hand

With his Staff of Light the Lord commands his forces forward

A closer view of the leader of the robotic warriors and his troopers carrying bulky black guns

Heavy gauss blasters lay down a withering particle storm

12 thoughts on “Heavy Metal

  1. Awesome stuff. These necrons look great, and the old guys do indeed fit in as a unique unit. I’ve used a similar painting technique on and off for weapon blades – paint on, leave for a few moments and then wipe off with a tissue for dark, stained blades. The Osgiliath Swordsmen I’ve just finished use that very technique, actually. I need to do exactly what you’re doing and push out a bunch of small, playable 40k forces.

    • Thanks! I found the Nuln Oil I am using today to be a very different beast from the black wash of the mid 90s. Most of the Immortals are a touch darker than I wanted because I left the wash on there for years and it proved hard to rub off at that stage.

    • Now that you say it – yes! Actually it hadn’t occurred to me, I was just thinking they are metal, they are heavy, they carry heavy gauss blasters… And the photo with the flame background could be a metal album cover.

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