Space Hobbits With Guns

As an addition to my Imperial Guard forces for Warhammer 40k I painted up a small squad of Ratling snipers. With these specialist troops being dispatched to war zones and assigned to regiments as needed, I will probably use them both for my Mordians and Praetorians.

The figures are the second incarnation of this troop type I believe, released ca. 1995 and sculpted by Alan Perry.

Four Hobbit sized figures with rifles inside a muddy crater

Ratlings sneaking to take up position in a bomb crater

For their colour scheme I took inspiration from Sharpe’s Rifles, since both their uniforms and background make a good fit. Each sniper is quite a character in his own right.

A blonde haired figure with large feet and a black headband holding a rifle with scope

Private Proudfoot

A Hobbit type figure in Napoleonic uniform jacket and black bandana advancing holding a rifle with scope

Private Underberg

A Halfling with a scoped rifle and black cap wearing a set of headphones with microphone

Private Brewmeister

A diminutive figure with curly blonde hair sighting through a rifle scope

Private Stoutbottom

As a nod to the Halfling archetype, all troopers carry large satchels stuffed with provisions.

Back view of the four Ratling snipers showing bulging brown bags hanging off shoulder straps with a blurry group of Necrons in the distance

Lying in ambush for your prime target is hungry business

7 thoughts on “Space Hobbits With Guns

    • Thank you, I really just tried to keep it neat, it’s all done with a base colour, wash and single layer of highlights. Those sculpts have good definition, and Perry faces always paint themselves. Glad the eyes turned out well in close up.

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